Friday, 26 December 2014

New year, new content

Well guys, thank you for sticking with us, I know it has been a bit quiet on here this last month, but that's due to real life I am afraid, a job change and of course xmas.

Well on the good side with some reorganisation of time, we are looking at coming back swinging in the new year so keep with us!

Morgan- I'm going to try and do some super cheap hobby things, such as terrain. Yeah, mostly terrain, and not painting it either. I have been wickedly busy with my masters program, but that hobby itch has been biting awfully hard after the first term. It will be interesting to see what I can come up with at Poundland (snicker). And maybe, juuust maybe, I'll squeeze in some miniatures. You only need 5 paints, see, the primaries plus black and white. 

Watch this spaaaaace.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Soviet WW2 propaganda posters

The Soviet Union produced a huge amount of propaganda posters, some really great art as well.
So I thought we should take a look at some of them!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Forged in Battle Panzer 4 G 15mm for Flames of War

The Panzer 4 was the workhorse of the German armoured forces, serving from the outbreak of war to the fall of the Reich, upgunned and uparmoured throughout the war they could be seen on every front of the war and at all times.
Today we are taking a look at a "Late War" panzer 4 G with the long barrelled 75mm and Schurtzen.

 It comes in a nice padded blister box, it is a G, but could really be used as any of the later models, without too many complaints.
 its cast in resin except a metal main gun barrel and hull mg, barely any flash on the model at all, nice crisp clean detail.

and it paints up lovely! It is a solid model, it took me dropping it from standing height without breaking any of the resin.  Like all of the Forged in Battle range it is moulded onto its base, you could dremel it off, but I am not too concerned with that.well worth a look at to fill out your panzer ranks.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Whats to look forward to in the future?

I do enjoy writing this blog, and I love gaming of course.  so I thought I would use this little article to tell you about some things that are coming to look forward to in the future, as well as all the other bits and pieces that come to mind......
Firstly we have

Friday, 21 November 2014

X-Wing 100 points Imperial list

Playing against Oliva, I only get to use the Imperials due to her insistence that they are the bad guys and she will not use them.  We only play with what we have, but we have 100pt lists each.  This list I have tried in battle against other people as well, and it does rather well for itself and I enjoy playing it.
So lets see whats in it.....

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

X-Wing 100 points Rebel List

As you may know my regular Xwing gaming opponent is my daughter Olivia, and she is becoming rather a good player.  She only plays rebels, she does not want to be the bad guys, and she has worked her own list out to use as well.  In reality its actually rather a good solid list as well! so I thought I would share it and how she uses it.....

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

WWII British Propaganda posters

There where many propaganda posters released during the war, for many varying circumstances.  Today we are taking a look at a few of the on the ones Britain put out.....

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sharing your Gaming hobby with your family

Gaming with your family.... a dream of all us nerds right? or wrong? some people say they would not want them involved with their hobby as it is an escape.  Myself I think the opposite!

I love having my family involved in my hobby, most of my gaming these days is in fact with my daughter, and she beats me fairly often.
So.... how did I get her into gaming?

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Models to use in Witchfinder General - Days of Revelation

Hopefully you have all read our article on Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation , if not go here and read it then come right back!

In today's article we are taking a look at some models you can use for your games of Witchfinder.

So takes a look and see what we can find!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Witchfinder General - Days of Revelation Rule Book Review

Prime your Pan.... for there is evil abroad this night!!  It is All Hallows eve, and the nights are dark in old England. A time when tales are told of things unknown that stalk in the shadows, things that hunt the ancient moorlands, sounds from unseen things in the oldest houses and churchyards. 

In a country as old and full of stories, folklore and legends as England is, there is history everywhere you look and stories to find.  I encourage you all to look into your local history dig out the stories and USE them, look to your local folk lore and tales, we have a rich history here and this is a great way to use it.

So for our special Halloween review, we bring to you......

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

X-Wing Mini Battle Report

I got to break out the Xwing toys and have a game against my best buddy Scott.  Having mostly been playing Imperials, I decided to stick with them, and try a slight variant of a list I enjoy.  I had no idea what Scott was taking apart from it was Rebel.
So this is what I ended up taking....

Friday, 24 October 2014

Marts 1000 points Bolt Action American US army ready to play

To match my Bolt Action Germans in battle as I show new people the game I need a 1000pts US force, so I dug out my models and book and went to town to see what I had....
Its a mixed force mainly Regular, with a few vet options.

So whats in it? Firstly the HQ

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Marts Flames of War German Armour

I had a thought the other day, how many tanks do I have for my Germans?
In all honesty I could not think, it has been so long since I have played I had to check so I went rummaging in my box to see.  I was surprised I had so many! so I thought I would show you guys....

Friday, 17 October 2014

Marts 1000 point Bolt Action German list ready to play

I love Bolt Action, and I need to play more, so I have finalised (well for now until I get more toys) my 1000pt list for my Germans, here I shall go through my thinking for it.

Its mainly a Veteran list, hard bitten experienced, hard to kill soldiers.

So leading them to battle is a Vet 2nd Lt with his adjutant.

Next comes the meat of the force....

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Forged in Battle M5A1 stuart for flames of war 15mm WW2 M5

I love the forged in battle range, really good prices for excellent quality minis for use in your flames of war games of any other 15mm ww2 game that takes your fancy.
 Nicely packed in a four pack with foam to keep them all nice. So lets have a further look

Friday, 10 October 2014

Billy Ruffian the Bellerophon

I have just finished reading this, it was written by David Cordingly. A fantastic read!

This is the story of the Bellerophon, a 74-gun ship of the line known to her crew as the Billy Ruffian. She began life in a small shipyard near Rochester on the River Medway and ended it as a prison hulk at Plymouth. In the intervening years the Bellerophon played a conspicuous part in three famous sea battles: the battle of the Glorious First of June in 1794; the battle of the Nile which halted Napoleon’s ambitions in the East; and the battle of Trafalgar during which her captain was shot dead with a musket ball an hour before Nelson himself was mortally wounded. But the most famous event in the life of this remarkable ship took place in 1815, six weeks after the Battle of Waterloo: Napoleon had arrived in Rochefort hoping to escape to America but found his route blocked by the Bellerophon and surrendered to the captain of the ship which had dogged his footsteps for more than twenty years. Excerpts from the book were broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as Book of the Week.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Star Wars Xwing Firespray 31 Bounty Hunter Builds

The Firespray 31 patrol craft is a great looking and iconic Star Wars ship.  In the tabletop game it comes with four pilots and a large selection of upgrade cards.

In this article I am taking a look at some of the various builds you can use, and the pilots abilities.

Starting with the lowest Pilot Skill in the bunch the Bounty Hunter

Friday, 3 October 2014

The 100th post of The Garage Gamers!! A special post

Hey look, 100 posts! Look at us go, eh? Our views are going up and up all the time! and that's down to you guys many thanks! . Not too bad for two nerds. For this special post, we've gone and interviewed ourselves with relevant hobby questions. It's a good read!
Thank you all for viewing our little hobby blog and we hope to continue!

1.  How did you get into tabletop gaming?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

History in your Area

A quick riff off of Mart's post about history around your town. I was in Dekalb, Illinois visiting family before heading to O'Hare when, lo and behold, on the drive out of town, what do we pass? But a Stuart Light Tank!
I think it is a M3. There wasn't much time to stop and examine, I barely got this photo driving by. Pretty neat, eh? (Mart - awesome! I would have had to stop... I love tanks!  Keep things like this coming its great seeing bits of history from home.)

Friday, 26 September 2014

X-Wing Slave 1 Firespray Expansion Unboxing

As a youngling I had the toy of Slave 1, and I have to say it was great fun to play with, flying it with the handle playing all those great Star Wars moments.  In fact for a character and ship that was not in the trilogy very much, Slave 1 and Boba Fett where was certainly a favourite of mine, and a lot of others!

So the chance to bring that ship to the table in the X-Wing game could not be missed.  So whats in the box? read on to see.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Downfall (2004 Film)

Downfall is one of my favourite films of all time, its amazing.  Released in 2004 it is a German film,and know as Der Untergang.  It comes with English subtitles  depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitlers reign over Nazi Germany in 1945.

The film is based upon the books Inside Hitlers Bunker, by historian Joachim Fest;
Until the Final Hour, the memoirs of Traudle Junge, one of Hitler's secretaries; Albert Speers memoirs, Inside the Thrid Reich; Hitler's Last Days: An Eye–Witness Account, by Boldt; Das Notlazarett unter der Reichskanzlei: Ein Arzt erlebt Hitlers Ende in Berlin by Doctor Schenck; and, Knappe's memoirs, Soldat: Reflections of a German Soldier, 1936–1949.

The acting in this film is just amazing, Bruno Ganz, playing Hitler is first rate!  Ganz conducted four months of research to prepare for the role, studying an 11-minute recording of Hitler in private conversation with Finnish Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim in order to mimic Hitler's conversational voice and distinct Austrian dialect properly.

Let's take a plot run down....

Friday, 19 September 2014

Building the Soviet Zvezda Katyusha 15mm 1/100 Soviet rocket truck and final Review

The Katyusha was an "Interesting" build.  I am happy with how it turned out though and I learned a few tips for further builds.  Lets take a quick history lesson on the Katy...

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Battle of Britain & the Blitz 3 DVD and memorabilia set WW2

As you may have guessed I love History.  My wife "Tolerates" my nerdy needs to record documentary after documentary on the subject to watch (usually when she is out).

The thing is she knows how much of a nerd I am, and now and then will surprise me with something.  This was one of those occasions.

Friday, 12 September 2014

X-Wing Miniatures Millenium Falcon YT1300 Pilot builds: Han Solo, Chewie, Lando, Outer Rim

The YT1300 has some pretty solid builds, here I am taking a look at the pilots included in the expansion, to see what we can come up with, and what roles they may fulfil.

Firstly we have the Lowly Outer Rim Smuggler

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Naval Battlegroup Unboxing

I have long looked at Dystopian Wars and thought about getting into it, but was stopped by the fact that no one I know plays it (Don't you dare-M).  One of my good friends has also been looking at it for ages, and after a couple of years of looking and debating we finally took the plunge.  He went for the British forces, and I went for the Prussians.  Now I know I said Prussians but the article is Russians.  The site I ordered them from sent me the wrong ones! I debating sending back, the cost and effort of that, plus the Russian models when I looked at them where actually quite cool. so I stuck with them!

The Naval battle group was the best starting point, we each picked up one of our chosen (or in my case given) forces so we could fight it out relatively fairly.

The back of the box features some nice art work with actual size pictures of the ships, and a little background on the Russians as well.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Before the Fall 2004 German ww2 film

As you may have noticed from previous posts my film collection contains some obscure war films, and this is another one of them I would like to share with you.  Today I bring for your entertainment Before the Fall, a 2004 German film with English subtitles. So whats it all about?


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

History at Home. Exploring your local area. Some History from Plymouth

I love history, reading it, watching it, playing it as well.... Sometimes though we forget what is right outside our door step. 

I am lucky living in a city with such a long military history, it means there are things hidden away to look at, find discover, learn about and enjoy.  If you just look.
Im often out walking with the little one, and do stop to take pictures of the odd interesting thing as I see them.

A fort, with a padlocked gate so we could not venture in, but even looking at it outside its a stunning building.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Warlord Games Ruined Farmhouse 28mm terrain for Bolt Action or other games

The Warlord Games ruined Farmhouse came  in the Bolt Action starter set and can be bought by itself here

Warlord Games describes it as...

Nothing enhances a tabletop battle more than great-looking, evocative terrain. Whether your games are set in Renaissance, Horse & Musket period (1700 - 1900) or the World Wars, this great plastic ruined farmhouse will provide you with an objective to take and hold or provide life-saving cover from enemy fire for your brave troops.
This plastic kit is modular, allowing you to construct the building in a variety of ways straight out of the box!

I have to agree! normally I hate painting terrain. In fact I am not much of a fan of painting in general, but I need some terrain and this does look good so I broke out the brushes

The set is modular and you can build it up any way you like,so I have built it into three parts, a mini wall here...

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Xwing Miniatures Millennium Falcon YT1300 expansion unboxing for Starwars Xwing FFG

To me one of the most iconic and cool looking ships of the Star Wars universe is the Falcon.  Its not a sleek fighter, or a massive capital ship.  Just a beaten up old YT-1300 freighter with a few mods.
The ship is available in the Xwing miniatures game, and since its a favourite of mine, and my daughters (in fact her very favourite because of Chewie) it had to make an appearance on the table for us.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Kokoda - 39th Battalion DVD war film review Australian Forces in WW2

Taking another look through the DVD collection, I dug out this little gem.  An unknown war film really, but rather good, so I thought I would pop a little bit about it on here for those who fancy taking a look at  something a bit less "Mainstream"

It is  is a 2006 Australian Film, and is based on the experiences of Australian troops fighting Japanese forces during the 1942  Kokoda Track campaign.
Due to budgetary restrictions, the producers were forced to scale down the story, concentrating primarily on the trials and tribulations of one lost patrol.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Zvezda Katyusha 15mm 1/100 Soviet rocket truck Unboxing review

Zvezda make some great, bargain priced kits suitable for Flames of War, or just fun.  Today I am taking a look at whats in the box of the Katyusha. 
Lovely cover art as always, very evocative, and packaged as normal in the standard card box.
inside are two sprues and and an instruction sheet, which is unusual for Zvezda(Mo- Instructions? Uh oh).

Here are the sprues....

Friday, 15 August 2014

Xwing Miniatures Imperial pilots in the core box overview and loadouts FFG

As promised its time to look at the Imperial pilots that come in the Xwing miniatures core box.
I am a rebel player myself, but my daughter is a staunch Imperial player.

So whats in the box?

There are 6 different pilots in the set, 3 generic pilots and 3 named pilots.

The generic pilots are the cheapest and lowest pilot skill "Academy Pilot", then Obsidian squadron pilot, and finally Black squadron pilot. All cheap choices, and the only one with an ability is Black squadron pilot who can take a pilot skill.  Each of those pilots come with 2 cards in the core set.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Warlord Games Bolt Action Assault on Normandy starter set review WW2 28mm Osprey

Assault on Normandy is the starter set for the game Bolt Action. Created by British company Warlord games, and Osprey publishing. Written By Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestly.
This review is mainly going to be focusing on the starter set itself. The Contents are....
Bolt Action: Assault on Normandy contains:

Full-colour 216-page hardback Bolt Action rulebook
40 multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm miniatures:
20 US Army infantry
20 German Heer infantry
1 hard plastic Ruined Farmhouse
8 Bolt Action Orders Dice

So let’s get into this..... The set arrived and I was excited! I mean just look at the box it’s beautiful!!
if you want to know more head on over to the warlod games site here...

Friday, 8 August 2014

Xwing Miniatures Rebel pilots in the core box overview and loadouts FFG

Today I am taking a look at the rebel Xwing pilots that come in the Xwing minis core game. looking at some varying options with them, how they work for the missions that come in the core set as well.
firstly I have to say I love the look of the card backs, with the Imperial and Rebel symbols on the appropriate cards.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tiger tank from Forged in Battle 15mm for use in Flames of War

Today a look at a 15mm Tiger from Forged in Battle... its the right scale for flames of war and I mean its a Tiger.... who doesn't like a big cat??

The model is crisp, well cast and looks good.  Cast in a white resin, its a different type to the resin I'm used to working with for Flames of War.  It  feels nice and solid as is made in only a few parts, so assembly is simple and quick The Resin hull, a Metal turret and gun barrel and also the hull MG in metal.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Light reading

One of the subreddits I read regularly is r/BadHistory. Today I found a post by AC_7 about the "Just Following Orders" and "Clean Wehrmacht" myths of World War Two. I highly recommend that you give it a read. It'll take about five minutes of your time.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC1701-D model Star Trek official ships collection Eaglemoss

Something a little different for a Sunday....... I am a fan of Star Trek, yes I admitted it. And also to throw it into the mix and cause maximum internet rage, I think Picard IS better then Kirk.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Star wars Xwing miniatures game core starter Upgrade cards overview FFG

As you may have seen my adventure with FFGs Xwing game continues.
This Is just what comes in the comes in the core set though.

In the core set you get 5 different upgrade cards to play with


Friday, 1 August 2014

Star Wars Xwing Miniatures game With my daughter

As you saw in a previous post I got Xwing for Fathers day.  It looks so much fun I have been dying to play it, and today whilst having it out my 5 year old Daughter Livy saw it and asked to play.  Not expecting much apart from a chance to put the rules more into play I agreed.

I explained the basics she picked up the simple parts of moving picking the dial.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mart's American US Medium Mortar from Black Tree Designs

Its not only the Germans receiving reinforcements recently.  The Americans have now got their own 81mm HE throwing toy to play with.
 These are again solid metal single pose minis, though the mortar came in 2 pieces.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Mart's Bolt Action German medium Mortar Black Tree Designs

In the quest to add more firepower to the Germans I added a medium mortar. Its the first indirect fire weapon I have. It is another Black Tree design model
 The flash was mixed on this, hardly any on the mortar itself, or 2 of the crew. The one sitting down was very heavily loaded with flash though.
 I added a 50mm by 2mm thick MDF round base to keep it in line with all the other weapon teams I have
It should be able to add a new dimension to my games by providing random HE rolls, plus I think it looks great!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mart's Flame Thrower team from Black Tree Designs

On the quest to add more firepower to my Germans I added a Flamer team, cool looking, effective on the table and a "Fear" unit.

The models are Black Tree Design again, virtually no flash on these ones, very clean and nice to paint.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Mart's Bolt Action MG34 Team Black Tree Design

I needed more fire power for my German forces in Bolt Action. With Hitlers Buzzsaw rule, German MGs are better than other nations so taking this into account i decided it needed to be my next addition.  I could have gone for the MG42, but I wanted a force that could be used at any period of the war, so I picked up the workhorse MG34
The Maschinengewehr 34, or MG 34, is a recoil-operated air-cooled machine gun that was first tested in 1929 and was introduced in 1934, and first issued to units in 1936. It accepts the 7.92x57 Mauser cartridge.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

First world War Commerorative Kings Shilling keepsake

Just a brief post today, a patient of the Wife's (she's a Nurse) gave her this in the other day, knowing how much of a history nerd I am.  I know its not old, but its a nice piece, and when both my family and Wife's family had direct ancestors that fought in that conflict (and in one case died) its worth keeping and sharing
As we are in the 100th year since the start of the Great war, its a memento to keep and pass on to my children with the tales of their ancestors.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-wing Miniatures game Whats in the box

For Fathers day which was recent here in the UK I received a nice selection of Star Wars based goodies from my dearly beloved family. Including the obligatory socks (though Star Wars ones so that's ok) Star Wars Pyjamas, Star Wars Slippers and then this........

I was most pleased!! I had to look over and unwrap all the other goodies first which was hard as all I wanted to do was rip the shrink wrap off, and run off playing toy space ships all day long! I waited though, then when all was quiet had a good rummage inside, spent some time punching out the tokens which was nice and simple then studying the rule book, and of course playing with the ships and making suitable noises!
Lets look at the ships first you get an Xwing and 2 Tie fighters. they come in this plastic tray that comes out of the box and keeps them all nice and tidy.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Brothers in Arms Hells Highway video game

I Love WW2 history, you may have noticed.  All parts, models, books, films, even games yes non tabletop games!

So for something different today its a brief look at one of my favourites.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mart's Bolt Action Germans

A brief look at the current state of my German army for Bolt Action.  There are more things on the painting tray but this is where it stands currently with the forces

Monday, 23 June 2014

Marts Bolt Action Americans

Here is just a brief look at the current state of my US forces for Bolt Action

 4 large squads and 1 smaller one

Sniper Teams
 The "Old Man"
 There is a Mortar team to come. But here is where the force stands at the moment. Looks good all together.
Each of my squads has a BAR and an SMG for maximum firepower.




Saturday, 21 June 2014

Skin tones

Hey ya'll. Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I didn't anticipate my schedule being so unfriendly to hobby time! Luckily I've sorted out the extra stuff, so my evenings should include a modicum of progress. For a few minutes today I finished up the skin on one of my Bolt Action BAR-toting Americans in my usual way that I've been using for the Warhammers.

And... I don't like it in this context. It seems... off, somehow. Too rudy? Anyway, here are the steps I took:

  1. Base with Tallarn Flesh, a GW Foundation paint. I don't think I'll ever stop using the Foundations because of how opaque they are. 
  2. Add Dwarf Flesh.
  3. Wash with Ogryn Flesh
  4. Highlight back up with Dwarf Flesh.
  5. Mix in some Elf Flesh.
  6. Mix in more Elf Flesh for a final highlight. 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

1940's Radio

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I found via Reddit a website that streams music and programs either from Britain in the 1940's or in that style.

Here is the LINK. It does autoplay when the page loads, just be aware. The player is in the upper-right corner at the top of the page. I'm enjoying it a lot, quite a bit actually. It's almost as good as the B-17 cockpit sound website.

As for why we dropped the ball on Friday's post and Saturday's cartoon is I got a part-time gig at the FLGS on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. I did pick up some new brushes, so painting will be less of a struggle (hopefully!) for the next coupla mounths.

Happy gaming! May whatever doesn't make you rage quit only make you a better hobbyist!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bolt Action WIP

Howdy ya'll,

The D-Day events revitalized my painting motivation. Right up until my brush stops cooperating for the day. But still! I'm making good progress. I can get good work done while waiting in War Thunder's Realistic Battles queue.

Monday, 9 June 2014

D-Day Events

Some pictures from the D-Day events run at the FLGS, Parker Banner Kent and Wayne. There was a Bolt Action bocage breakout, Flames of War beach landing, and a Bolt Action beach landing. It was hard going, with some serious losses for the Americans.

Bunkers increasing difficulty to hit by 4 meant I couldn't touch anything inside unless I had an army of snipers (Waaah, waaaaaaah. Snipers, Air Strikes, and howitzers/medium-heavy mortars would have helped). I did manage to take out a few guys, but the Germans had plenty of officers to unpin. A lack of Air Support was murderous, and the fact that it took 4 turns of full movement to get to the base of the embankments, then another full turn of movement to get into the trenches, and then another turn to shoot/assault. It was... frustrating. Very frustrating. At the very least the eight (!) hour game increased my understanding of the rules. I am quite burnt out, however.