Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Germans are coming in 15mm!! (eventually)

The plastics from the Flames of War Openfire starter set are rather nifty looking, I have to say, i finally pulled them out of the box, and lined them up to see what I had there. Fair few things it seems, some grens, some pak 40s and a random Kubelwagon... cool..... these add into the collection of the German armour I have been building which is mainly Tigers and Stugs, mainly because I think they look cool. Here they are in various states of primage
 the Pak 40s are deadly anti tank guns

 How many Grenadiers can you fit in a stugg? A lot it seems!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Warlord Games Red Devils! British Airborne

Bolt Action by Warlord games and published by Osprey publishing, has fast become one of my favourite games to play on the tabletop, smooth, fast with some innovative mechanics it’s a great fun game.  I have shown it to friends who only delve in the realm of silly space elves and such like and they loved it for the way it plays and the cinematic feel it gives.  

I have a few forces varying in size for Bolt Action, I have the US, the Germans, and the nucleus of a small British force.  Of course as always there are so many other armies I want to field, but all in good time….

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

It seems ages since i have been able to put any work into our little hobby blog, and really  it has been.  With the move and nightmare of having my Internet reconnected and of course finding and unpacking hobby materials, all with in the boundaries of my Beloved wife making sure the only painting I do is on the walls rather then tiny toy men.   So it will still be slow whilst we decorate and so on, but there will be bits so keep calm as we carry on!

This is really a post just to show some small glimpses of things to come, things to review, look at, paint, and play.  Of course there will still be book reviews, appropriate film reviews and many other things, what you see here is only a selection of some of the things planned not all of them.

 The Walking Dead board game, i mean its the walking dead right? can it be bad? we shall see....
Dystopian wars! I'm embarking on a journey with this as my friend builds up his fleet as well, some lovely minis to hit the brush there.

 Zombicide, more zombies more dice, who will win in the battle of the undead boardgames? there is another challenger though lurking deep in the games cupboard waiting to shamble out when the time is right.
Boxed minis, always hard to keep things boxed as i know i want to break them apart and get building. There is more significance behind the Typhoon, but all in good time......
So smarten up!
 and give a cheer!
because we are back.