Thursday, 23 March 2017

All Men Are Fools chapter pack for a Game of Thrones the card game from Fantasty Flight games unboxing and review

Once more its time for another Chapter pack for A Game of Thrones the card game.  Its always an exciting time, as I never look ahead to see whats in the pack, so its maximum fun at opening time.  The other chapter packs have been excellent, will this one continue the tradition as its the start of a new cycle? Contents wise, as always you get 60 cards, 20 new one with 3 copies of each to add to your deck building options, and it also introduces a new keyword rule which we will look at before the cards.

Three treasons will you know. Once for blood and once for gold and once for love.
–George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce All Men Are Fools, the first Chapter Pack in the Blood and Gold cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!
In the aftermath of the Battle of the Blackwater, a moment of peace falls across Westeros as the Great Houses lick their wounds. House Lannister has won a decisive victory and forged a new alliance with House Tyrell—but more important than battles are the schemes hatching in the darkness. In the heart of King’s Landing, Tyrion Lannister plots his return to power, as the Queen of Thorns takes Sansa Stark under her wing. House Bolton and House Frey each prepare to strike devastating blows against the Starks. And in the south, the princes of Dorne plot their revenge against the Lannisters for sins long past. Soon, these schemes may determine the fortunes of every Great House…

 Lets take a a look at the new keyword now before we delve into the cards...........

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Walking Dead All out War Prelude to Woodbury solo expansion starter unboxing and reveiw from Mantic Games

When Mantic Games Released the starter set for The Walking Dead All Out War I was suitably impressed.  Its an excellent game system, and you do not need to be a fan of the comics to follow

 along and enjoy it either as it provides a suitable multiplayer skirmish experience with some real interesting elements, and the ability to adapt it to solo play in a way.  Solo play has now been perfected for this expansion.  So head back to that article to learn how to play.

The prelude to Woodbury is a narrative single player adventure featuring Brian 'The Governor' Blake and his exploits from before he rose to power in Woodbury and encountered Rick. The quick-start tutorial will take you through the rules as you play out the Governor's story, and the box contains everything you need to get right into the action. You do not need the all out war core set to play, but all of the prelude to Woodbury components are all fully compatible with the Core Set.

So really, this is fully stand alone, you can start your adventure here with the walking dead, it has less bits then the main Starter Set, but it does have a full story to follow, and then when you try it, and decide you like it, you can combine it with the core, as the core adds a lot to this, but this ALSO adds to the core too.

So lets pop it open, take a look at what we get, and see what its like.........

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Arkham Horror the Card Game the Essex county Express Mythos pack review

The Arkham Horror card game is excellent, and its really exciting to see the first few expansion products, to get a feel for where FFG are going with the game.  The first expansion we got to see after the main game was the deluxe Dunwich Legacy pack, and that was a cracker!then we took a trip into the Miskatonic Museum,
Not to mention some diversions to Venice Carnevale of Horrors, then we even had got to trek through the Bayous in Curse if the Rougarou. This time its a Train journey, how bad can that be??

"It seemed that the railway express clerk on No. 5508 had been able to recall an incident which might have much bearing on my loss…"
     –H.P. Lovecraft, Whisperer in Darkness

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Essex County Express, the second Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!
Among the sixty new cards in The Essex County Express, you'll find twenty-eight player cards, including four copies of a new weakness, along with a thrilling new scenario. In The Essex County Express, your investigations lead you outside the town of Arkham, and while the train may offer the fastest transit to your next lead, it may not offer the safest…
When the train rumbles, shakes, and lurches to a halt, you and your fellow investigators must race from your car to the engine. If you can't get the train moving in a hurry, you and all the other passengers may fall prey to whatever unnatural things seem to be crawling, shifting, and oozing their way from car to car, growing ever larger as they do so.

So lets take a look inside and see if they can keep up the home runs with excellent packs.  Do not worry though, no encounter cards will be spoiled, just the player cards........

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Walking Dead All Out War Lori Booster pack from Mantic Games unboxing and Review

Lori, wife of Rick Grimes is the latest booster for Mantic Games excellent The Walking Dead All out War
 Are Mantic keeping up the great quality of the previous ones still? or have they dropped the ball?

Lori Grimes lived with the guilt of having left her husband Rick in a coma back home in Cynthiana. Accompanied by Shane, Lori and her son Carl journeyed to Atlanta, but what they found was a city teeming with the dead.
This set contains 3 plastic miniatures, including:
  • Lori Survivor
  • Craig Survivor
  • Walker
  • Lori, Craig and Carl Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
  • Mantic Points

These boosters are an excellent way to add all sorts of new goodies to your game, so lets pop this one open, and take a look at her characters and equipment we get...........

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Walking Dead All Out War Carol Booster pack from Mantic Games unboxing and Review

Carol is the latest booster for Mantic Games excellent The Walking Dead All out War
 Are Mantic keeping up the great quality of the previous ones?......

Carol and Sophia journeyed to Atlanta, but they never made it into the city, and joined up with the original camp members. Shy and guarded, Carol plays the role of shoulder-to-lean-on and sounding board.
This booster pack contains 3 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Carol and Sophia to your games, along with an extra Walker to bulk out your herd.
  • 1 Carol Miniature
  • 1 Sophia Miniature
  • 1 Walker Miniature
  • Carol, Sophia and Derek Character Cards
  • 4 Equipment Cards
  • 1 Mantic Point

As always the models are presented with he main character showing nicely, and in a nice moulded plastic tray for storage.  Right enough talk So lets take a look and see what we get.......