Forged in Battle M5A1 stuart for flames of war 15mm WW2 M5

I love the forged in battle range, really good prices for excellent quality minis for use in your flames of war games of any other 15mm ww2 game that takes your fancy.
 Nicely packed in a four pack with foam to keep them all nice. So lets have a further look

 Loads of detail to see on them for such little tanks.

 So these are the M5a1 stuarts,  they are all individual casts with plenty of stowage and also some extras in metal to add on if you like, options for commanders as well.  The body is in resin with the turret, gun barrel and extras in white metal.

 Really clean crisp casting, and the turret fits nicely, not too loose and not too tight, so far very impressed, and for the price you cant argue. The only thing i have against the fib models is the cast on base, but for the price it doesnt bother me that much as the quality of the minis overcomes this.
And they paint up really nicely too

 overall very pleased well worth a look at to add some variety to your 15mm or flames of War forces.


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