D-Day Events

Some pictures from the D-Day events run at the FLGS, Parker Banner Kent and Wayne. There was a Bolt Action bocage breakout, Flames of War beach landing, and a Bolt Action beach landing. It was hard going, with some serious losses for the Americans.

Bunkers increasing difficulty to hit by 4 meant I couldn't touch anything inside unless I had an army of snipers (Waaah, waaaaaaah. Snipers, Air Strikes, and howitzers/medium-heavy mortars would have helped). I did manage to take out a few guys, but the Germans had plenty of officers to unpin. A lack of Air Support was murderous, and the fact that it took 4 turns of full movement to get to the base of the embankments, then another full turn of movement to get into the trenches, and then another turn to shoot/assault. It was... frustrating. Very frustrating. At the very least the eight (!) hour game increased my understanding of the rules. I am quite burnt out, however.

It also makes me want to start experimenting with making water effects with silicone chaulk. I've got some ideas. More pictures from the event are below!


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