Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mantic Games Mars Attacks Battle report The Invaders Arrive!

Olivia and I decided to play through the whole 10 scenarios found in the main rulebook, and thought we should report on them, show you how the game looks out of the box in action, and how much fun we had!.  Everything you see and we used in this all comes in the main box.

So Here we started with the first one......

Sergeant Olivia was worried, she wasn't with her men, she always liked to lead from the front, but she had her own mission to perform so had sent a section off when the news came in about potential tech to recover.  They where 6 of her best men, they should be fine right?......

Martin Warlord Martin looked at the invasion plans..... here... pointing at the glow map... there appears to be creatures worth study.  Send 4 minions to collect specimens, if you encounter the humans.... destroy them all.

The plans where set in motion..... how would they end up......

We started with Scenario 1
This is scenario 1 out of the 10 in the book, they work really well to get you used to the game before adding in more things, more troops, heroes and so on.  We prepares the gaming mat from the box and built up some terrain so the table looked nice and full
The mission calls for 5 Martian grunts starting on table.  The Scenario shows where you can set up.  I was voted as Martian Warlord by Olivia, so she could take control of the Humans as they are the "goodies"

we prepared for battle!.......

Friday, 24 April 2015

Zombies!!! by Twilight creations board game review

I thought I would dig one of my old classic favourite board games to take a look at and a review of.
I picked this up not far off 15 years ago, and it still sees regular play! its a great fun simple game.  Its not a big box, and has great artwork on it which has that "B-Movie" look which I love.
So lets see what you get in the box and how it plays

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Star Trek Attack wing Val Jean Maquis Raider independant unboxing.

The Val Jean was a small raider-type craft operated by the Maquis during the early 2370s. The impulse engines of Val Jean were originally built in 2332.
In 2371, while under the command of Chakotay, the Val Jean was pursued by the Cardassian warship Vetar, Gul Evek's flagship. Chakotay ordered the ship into the Badlands to try to escape the Cardassians.

After eluding pursuit, the Val Jean was scanned by a coherent tetryon beam and transported into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. Once there, the crew was abducted and subjected to medical tests to determine their biological compatibility with the Caretaker. One of the crew, chief engineer B'Elanna Torres, was removed from the others and sent to the surface of the Ocampa homeworld.
In order to recover his missing crew member, Chakotay reluctantly joined forces with Starfleet captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager, who had been sent to capture him but had instead been pulled into the Delta Quadrant as well. The cooperation proved successful, and both Torres and Voyager crew member Harry Kim were rescued.
Subsequently, both Voyager and the Val Jean were .........

Friday, 17 April 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing 2nd Division Cruiser Jem Hadar Battle cruiser dominon unboxing

The Dominion forces bring some much needed reinforcements to the table with the Jem Hadar BattleCruiser.  As you can see, its a BIG ship.  But is it a lumbering beast?
Lets take a look and see....

Monday, 13 April 2015

Mars Attacks the miniatures games by Mantic Games unboxing and Review

Today we have a treat for you all, so get yourselves comfy, and settle down.  We Look at Mars Attacks the miniature game from UK based company Mantic Games.  As most readers know I love 50s/60s Americana. The war of the worlds, the day the earth stood still, Them! all the nuclear age goodness.  Mars attacks was originally an uber violent trading card series from the 1960s, and I loved the look of it. It encapsulates the age so well.
Mantic say....

They came from another planet and now they want ours! Hundreds of alien soldiers run rampage as the Martians launch their invasion of Earth. In the small town of Greenville, the streets are choked with rubble and civilians are dead or in hiding. The army is on its way, but they may already be too late. This is the day that the people of Earth will remember forever more. This is the day that Mars Attacks!

When the Martians hit Earth, they hit it hard. Fighting now rages all across the globe and the tales of devastation and despair are many.

Our story focuses on a little place called Greenville…
Take one look at Greenville and all you’ll see is a friendly American Town. You might not think it’s anything special, but you’d be wrong...

While the world’s governments stood idly by, a secret organisation called the Novas Vira was preparing to defend Earth from the Martians. In hidden locations deep beneath the planet’s surface, they built a secure communications grid using reverse-engineered Martian technology supplied by a mysterious benefactor.

The Martians that planned the Invasion never knew about this hidden network, but now, as their Saucers surround Earth, a Martian General named Tor has learnt of its existence.

Tor knows about the Novas Vira, and plans to use this information to find their leader’s hiding place and become one of the greatest heroes of the Invasion of Earth. His first clue is the relay station he discovered… right in the centre of Greenville.

Now, the invasion has begun. Saucers have landed and the death rays have started firing. It’s time to pick your side and prepare for battle!

Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game is the crazy tabletop game of Martian Mayhem, played with miniatures ready to game with right out of the box.

With Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game, one player controls the might of the Martian Empire’s vast army of invaders and the other the brave defenders of Earth, battling against impossible odds.

You will guide your forces through a number of playable scenarios and the devastated ruins of Greenville using our simple and wacky rules set, culminating in a fierce battle to capture the Novas Vira Communications Center.

Will you persevere with your human forces in a desperate bid to push back the Martians, or will you guide General Tor to his ultimate objective and uncover the leader of the Novas Vira? Only you will decide the fate of the planet!

When I finally heard Mantic had a kickstarter for this game it was already over, but it is now on sale here in their store and in good game stores.  And it is also here to share with you!

Look at that box art, its beautiful! colourful,  eye catching and iconic.
Now as the sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed it states " A tactical miniature Boardgame"

So is this a minis game or a board game?  Join us in finding out!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Game of Thrones Westeros Intrigue card game Review

In my Christmas haul from my lovely wife was this little boxed game. It's designed by Reiner Knizia and made by Fantasy Flight Games.  It's a small box game, fast-playing and with simple rules.
 Typical high quality FFG production on the art and box.
So, whats in the box?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Enterprise E soverign class unboxing

The Sovereign-class was introduced during the early 2370s, and was, at the time, the most advanced starship design in the fleet, though not as large as the Galaxy class starship. The Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E was built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards

The Sovereign class' first major engagements came in 2373, when the USS Enterprise saw action in the Borg incursion into Sector 001, and was instrumental in the destruction of the attacking cube. (Star Trek: First Contact)
While the Sovereign-class was not a key player in the Dominion War, such vessels as the Enterprise-E spent time during the war putting out diplomatic "brush fires" and extending the occasional olive branch, as the Federation Diplomatic Corps were busy attempting to put an end to the war. (Star Trek: Insurrection)
Sometime after the Enterprise's mission in the Briar Patch and before the engagement with the Reman warship Scimitar, a refitting of the Enterprise-E took place. The major changes included 5 additional torpedo tubes and 4 additional phaser arrays. A slight change in the warp nacelle pylons was also implemented. The Enterprise was able to deploy these new systems in 2379, prior to its mission to Romulus

Now it is a great looking ship, one of my favourites, so lets dive into the contents!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing General Chang`s Bird of Prey unboxing Klingon faction

General Chang is one my favourite Klingons.  The main "enemy" in Star Trek 6 VI The Undiscovered Country.  He is great, fun and not your average blood thirsty Klingon, he shows cold intellect, cunning, and tactical awareness.  Today we look at his Prototype Bird of Prey

Chang's Bird-of-Prey was a prototype Klingon Bird-of-Prey commanded by General Chang in his efforts to discourage the potential peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The vessel was equipped with a cloaking device that somehow allowed the vessel to fire its torpedoes while cloaked, an ability once considered impossible on other vessels, due to power constraints.
As the USS Enterprise-A escorted Kronos One, which was transporting Chancellor Gorkon to Earth for peace negotiations, the cloaked Bird-of-Prey hid directly......