Battle of Britain & the Blitz 3 DVD and memorabilia set WW2

As you may have guessed I love History.  My wife "Tolerates" my nerdy needs to record documentary after documentary on the subject to watch (usually when she is out).

The thing is she knows how much of a nerd I am, and now and then will surprise me with something.  This was one of those occasions.

 Quite a hefty set she returned with! documentarys!! and things to look at as well, I was rather impressed and very happy.

  Three different DVD documentarys.... full of archive footage as it was made with the National Archives . All in a solid fold out slip case with pictures and information as well! even opening this set was a history nerd fest!
 some great photographs
The DVDs where a great watch, kept me highly entertained.

Inside the front of the slip case Is an envelope....

Inside is a selection of re-print WW2 documents, posters, leaflets, postcards, all sorts of goodies!

A ration book, a leaflet telling you what to do in case of gas attack, a report of an air raid.
An actual copy of an RAF Fighter squadron combat report from the battle, a report on the state of RAF personnel and a leaflet on how to make your food go further.
Then some postcards of common posters, and a rather charming one of cricket in gasmasks.  Nothing stops us from our Cricket!

Its a lovely set, and was a wonderful gift, if you see it anywhere around I highly recommend it!


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