Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Equinox unboxing

Today we look at the USS Equinox for Star Trek Attack wing.  A familiar ship to fans of Voyager, but is it any good?

The Nova-class was a type of Federation starship designed for short-term planetary research missions. It was placed in service starting in the mid-to-late 24th century.
In 2370, some Nova-class starships were constructed in the Sol system at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, around stardate 47007.1. USS Equinox was constructed and launched at this time.

Schematics of the Nova-class were contained in the 31st century database kept by temporal agent Daniels aboard the Enterprise. They were viewed by Captain Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed who accessed his database in 2151.

The Nova-class was designed as a science and scout vessel, intended for short-term planetary research and analysis. It is not typically suitable for combat operations. The Nova design has a maximum speed of warp 8 and approximately eighty crewmembers. One unique feature of the Nova-class is its Waverider shuttle, which is located in a special docking port on the ventral side of the primary hull, similar to that of the Aeroshuttle on the Intrepid-class. 
So whats in the pack.....

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Star Trek Attack Wing Haakona Build

The Romulan Warbird Haakona can be a scary proposition to go against, so using the normal rules of only the cards in the pack and no more then 50points I have put a build together to see how I can use her in battle.
The named Haakona is a tough bird, with 6 hull and four shields, but only a 3 attack.  There is a way around this though, as for each ship in the fleet she gets a plus one to a max of plus four, so if you had her as the lead ship with some scouts and science vessels she would be punching hard.  For captain we have....

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Y-Wing ship build for X-Wing Miniatures game

Today we look at getting a build together for the venerable Y wing, what to take, and what role she can perform in the fleet.  We will as always only be using cards that come in the pack.

 So lets take a look.....

Thursday, 7 September 2017

B-Wing unboxing for X-Wing Miniatures game

The B-wing’s heavy weapons array and resilient shielding quickly solidified it as the Alliance’s most formidable assault fighter.  The B-wing can wield a huge array of upgrades from cannons to torpedoes to make it a brutal ship in combat.
When I first saw the B-wing in the Return of the Jedi I thought it was a great looking ship, and the toy of it was amazing! with the gyroscopic cockpit always staying level it was great.  I wished I had seen more of the ship in the films, but now I can play with it on the tabletop!

Lets see what is in the pack........

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Star Trek Attack Wing IKS Gr'oth ship Build

Welcome to todays ship build! we look at the classic old D7 and see what we can come up with using the cards in the pack, and no more then 50points total.

I took the named Ship of course for some extra protection at range 1, and Koloth for his high skill and again a bit more protection.  Sabotage as his elite talent allows me to.....