Thursday, 26 November 2015

Dice Masters Battle report Amazing Spiderman Vs Dungeons & Dragons

As promised Previously, here is a Battle report to see how the forces of Marvel stand up to those of the might of Dungeons and Dragons.  I took the spiderman team, all using the starter cards from the Amazing spiderman set.
 I went for a balanced force with some cheap dice like Drax, White Tiiger and Spiderman and Spiderwoman, plus some heavy hitters like Carnage and Kingpin.  For basic actions i took web blast web blast which lets me deal 2 damage to an opponents character, and betrayal which lets me deal one damage to the opponent for each character they have out.
 Olivia took the forces from the Dungeons and Dragons Starter set, with some low cost but useful cards like Halfling thief, and some hard hitting Dragons and the Beholder.  This was going to be a fun game!.....

Monday, 23 November 2015

Dice masters The Amazing Spiderman, two player starter set Review Wizkids games

The more I play Dice Masters, the more I enjoy it, its a great game, with so many options out there,  It plays fast, it plays smooth, you do not have to carry much with you, and thought yes you roll a lot of dice so there is a luck factor, its very tactical.  Take a look to see how it plays more in depth here with the Dungeons & Dragons set for Dice Masters, and DC War of Light.

Another starter set has come out to join the ranks, this time featuring as the main star everyone's friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.
 Amazing Spiderman has great art on the cover, and all the logos of well earned game awards.
 The art continues on the side.
on the back you get an overview of whats in the box, it does not mention the rulebook, but it is in there, so this is all you need to get playing.

lets dive in and see who comes in the set!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Ticket To Ride Digital by Days of Wonder and Asmodee Games

As you know I am rather fond of Ticket to Ride, and when I saw the below press release I was very excited! if you have not come across Ticket To Ride yet, take a look here for my review on the Europe edition.  I have got the digital version on PC and highly recommend it so these new updates make it even better, and a worthy purchase if you have not come across it yourself.


All Aboard The Adventure Train With Ticket To Ride!

The digital version of Ticket to Ride kicks off a new cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer game mode and introduces the new map of India.
Los Altos, CA; Paris, France – November 19, 2015 - Days of Wonder, an Asmodee studio, specializing in the development and publishing of board games, today announced the release of a major upgrade of Ticket to Ride on mobile, tablet and computer. Embark on an unprecedented rail adventure, challenge players around the world thanks to the asynchronous multiplayer mode, and discover the new map of India for the first time on a digital platform!
Created more than 10 years ago, Ticket to Ride is a category leader for family games in the board game industry with over four million boxes sold worldwide in 11 different versions. Upon its release in 2004, Ticket to Ride was awarded the most prestigious award, the German Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year). Its digital format has already captivated more than 3.5 million fans.
"The digital versions of Ticket to Ride bring together enthusiastic gamers and captivates a loyal and engaged community for which Days of Wonder wishes to provide the best," says Yann Corno, CTO of Days of Wonder. "Today, we’re excited to strengthen the current digital experience with even more functionality to meet the needs of our fans. That is why it seemed essential to allow players on mobile devices, tablets and computers to play together, wherever they are and at any time, by creating an asynchronous multiplayer mode."
In addition to the exciting cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer mode, players will enjoy an intuitive user interface, new .....

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Disney Pictopia Board game Review

Sometimes the family don't want to play the same kind of games as me, not everyone's a fan of space ship battles, or linking train routes, even catching fish with penguins.  This a game that most people will enjoy though.  Disney Pictopia is a family Trivia game for 2-6 players with a recommended age rating of 7 up.
 It comes in a nice shiny box, with plenty of pictures of various Disney images, you forget how many things they own and have created until you start playing this.
 As it says on the back of the box, you can get a free app to add to the game, you do not need it, and it plays fine without it, but its a nice touch at adding some more to it.

Inside you will find....

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dice masters DC War Of Light, two player starter set Review

Dicemasters.  Its a great system, I had ignored it being not a massive superhero fan, until I tried the D&D set, and I enjoyed it so much as a game, I am  hooked now.  if the other sets are superhero themed, its time I learnt more about them, so I dived into the latest starter set for Dicemasters.  DC War of Light.  Fortunately I have friends that are hero buffs, so they where able to give me a bit of background on it.  I was a bit concerned with an unfamiliar theme that I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I do when playing the D&D version, but I was wrong.
to learn more about how Dicemasters plays and see our review on the D&D Dicemasters Starter set head over here.  Time to dive in!
 The box features bright and colourful superhero artwork, I recognised the Green Lantern at least!
 More Excellent art adorns the side.
 On the back is a list of components, some pictures of cards, I was happy to recognise Lex Luthor from these as well.  But what is inside? what superhero's and villains come to add more flavour to your Dicemasters games? lets see......

Friday, 13 November 2015

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Hotel Tycoon by Asmodee Games

Asmodee Games updates the classic game Hotel, and brings it to the modern gamer in the form of Hotel Tycoon.  The idea is to buy and develop hotels and bankrupt the other players.  Last player left wins.
Nice bright packaging for this one, so lets take a look and see what you get inside.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Grizzled Review by Cool Mini Or Not a cooperative WW1 game of survival and Friendship

Through what tragedies can Friendship endure? The Grizzled is a fast-paced, fully cooperative card game for 2 to 5 players that takes place in the trenches of World War I. Already a best seller in Europe, The Grizzled is an elegant game of avoiding threats and leading a team, and is regarded as one of the finest cooperative games ever made. Featuring beautiful art by French artist, Tignous, The Grizzled’s outstanding art is the perfect complement to its message of peace and enduring friendship.
 Its a cooperative card game for 2-5 players.  It comes in a small box, so is nice and easy to transport.  The art on it is fantastic, its done by Tignous, who was sadly killed in the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January.

 The back of the box does a good job explaining the theme.  This is set in WW1, so is a war game, but you don't do any shooting or killing.  The idea is to survive, following the journey of your characters through the horrors of the Great War.
On the side of the box nice and clearly marked are the suggested age range 14+ players 2-5 and time frame 30 mins, which seems about right having played it with 2 and 3 players, more players should not effect the time too much.
When you open up the box you are greeted by something you rarely see in games, interior artwork

inside the box.......

Monday, 9 November 2015

Ticket To Ride Europe by Days of Wonder Review

Growing up living with my Grandparents I was spent many hours building model kits, and playing games, I also spent many hours watching my Grandfather's model train layouts.  These where huge things, it took up the entire double garage, he made all the scenery himself and it was fantastic, watching the locomotives puff around the many tracks, through tunnels, and up mountains.  Since then I have always a had a soft spot for the age of steam. 

I had been aware of the original Ticket to Ride which is set in the USA, and heard of its many expansion sets, but had never got around to playing it. Until now.  I got my hands on Ticket to Ride Europe.  Having played the gam in digital format on my Xbox (also available on Android and iOS) I had a good idea how it played and I enjoyed it, so couldn't wait to get some time to dive in and introduce it to Olivia.
 I love the art on the box, takes me to those pictures of travel in the early 20th century.

 The back of the box gives a nice picture of the board, a contents list and overview. it recommends 2-5 players, ages 8+ (Olivia had it mastered and she is 6 so this is subjective) and 30-60 mins play time, we played in about 35-40 our first game, and got quicker as mechanics stuck with Olivia.

Inside the box is:

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing IRW Terix unboxing

The IRW Terix was a Romulan D'deridex-class warbird that was in service with the Romulan military in the late 24th century. Commanded by Commander Sirol, the Terix discovered a hull fragment from the Starfleet testbed vessel USS Pegasus in the Devolin system in 2370. The warbird was subsequently ordered to find the rest of the ship. When the USS Enterprise-D arrived with the same mission, Sirol claimed that the Terix was investigating gaseous anomalies.
After the Enterprise-D entered asteroid gamma 601 to salvage the Pegasus, the Terix "accidentally" sealed the starship inside during some "geological experiments." The Terix offered to transport the crew of the Enterprise-D out, but the starship escaped on its own using the Pegasus's phasing cloaking device. (TNG: "The Pegasus")
The Terix was Tomalak's flagship during a face-off in the Romulan Neutral Zone in an alternate 2370. (TNG: "All Good Things...") 
The Terix is a prize ship, so not available in retail format, so she is not easy to get hold of.  lets take a look and see if she is worth it.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Xwing TIE Phantom builds

The Tie Phantom is a monster of ship decked out right, so we are going to take a look at some good builds that can be run for it.

First pilot we have is the lowly Sigma squadron pilot.  Yes he can cloak, but he is onlypilot skill 3, so it wont be doing him much good. at 25pts he is not cheap either.  I doubt I would use him unless I only had 25 points, but then that's 2 TIE fighters instead.
The next step up is the....

Monday, 2 November 2015

Smart Egg 1 Layer Labyrinth Puzzle from Possible Games

Today we look at something a little different from normal.  The Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle.  Its not gamer related, but we all need to keep our tactical minds nice and sharp.  Today we look at some of the starter range, the 1 layer eggs.  In the future 2 and even 3 layers are planned.  This relates to the internal layers needed to navigate to succeed in the puzzle.  I was brought up in the era where the king of puzzles was the Rubiks cube, and yes I never completed it, never had the patience or desire to spend time on it when I could be building Airfix.  These are a different and fresh approach to the logic puzzle idea.
We have the level 3 (the levels indicate relative difficulty) Groovy egg, and the level 9 Skull egg.
All the instructions you need are on the back, you insert the wand in the top and need to maneuverer it to navigate the labyrinth within the egg.  Lets see what's in the box and how we got on.....