Zvezda Katyusha 15mm 1/100 Soviet rocket truck Unboxing review

Zvezda make some great, bargain priced kits suitable for Flames of War, or just fun.  Today I am taking a look at whats in the box of the Katyusha. 
Lovely cover art as always, very evocative, and packaged as normal in the standard card box.
inside are two sprues and and an instruction sheet, which is unusual for Zvezda(Mo- Instructions? Uh oh).

Here are the sprues....

 lots of parts unlike the normal tank models
 suspension parts, even an engine!
 the instructions say you have to bend the engine hood yourself. though it leaves options to have it up since there is an engine included!

lots of small fiddly parts in there.
a fairly comprehensive instruction sheet is included.

I am looking forward to building this, I do enjoy building things, it looks more a challenge then normal Zvzda models so I will let you know how it goes!


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