Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Naval Battlegroup Unboxing

I have long looked at Dystopian Wars and thought about getting into it, but was stopped by the fact that no one I know plays it (Don't you dare-M).  One of my good friends has also been looking at it for ages, and after a couple of years of looking and debating we finally took the plunge.  He went for the British forces, and I went for the Prussians.  Now I know I said Prussians but the article is Russians.  The site I ordered them from sent me the wrong ones! I debating sending back, the cost and effort of that, plus the Russian models when I looked at them where actually quite cool. so I stuck with them!

The Naval battle group was the best starting point, we each picked up one of our chosen (or in my case given) forces so we could fight it out relatively fairly.

The back of the box features some nice art work with actual size pictures of the ships, and a little background on the Russians as well.

There is a huge heft of Resin, Metal parts, Plastic Stands, card and paper in this box.
Things come nicely sealed in protective bags.

 You get 3 Suvorov Cruisers in the box, each with resin bridge and metal turret.  I think its great looking. Spartan says.... Russian Coalition Commanders use the Suvorov Class Cruiser as a harsh, unbending anvil against which their foes are crushed. Armed and armoured like their battleship counterpart, they use their increased speed to hold the flanks, funneling the enemy into the core of the battle-line with the threat of their formidable turrets.  (All the pictures are before any cleanup).
Nicely detailed models, but not too much as over cluttering could happen at this scale.
 The heart of the force, the Borodino class Battleship, this is a heavy beast of a ship designed to batter opponents with weight of shell, and it looks big and aggressive as well. really like this model, looks heavy and powerful. Spartan say (I love the Spartan fluff).

Bristling with turrets and broadsides, the Borodino Class Battleship is a truly fearsome vessel. Its ablative armour plating forms a hulking tiered formation that gives this ship an intimidating profile. With the ability to absorb withering hails of fire, this industrial nightmare will forever haunt the ambitions of anyone who dares cross the path of the Russian Coalition.
 Nice little star detail piece to pick out on the front end.
Looking down the business end of the Borodino.... it doesn't have any rear facing guns, just turrets and broadsides. its all about all ahead full and smashing your foes.

Rounding out the naval  element of the box are 9 Novgorod frigates.  At first these odd round ships did not really quite do it for me, until I read about them having vectored water jet power and being used as river patrol ships as well, and then the more I looked at them the cooler I thought they where.
 Spartan says.... The Novgorod Class Frigate operates in a radically different fashion to the majority of frigates around the world, boasting a curious circular hull that affords it unmatched maneuverability.
 its a piece model no assembley needed. And unlike a lot of models it can be used in a alternate role, Spartan say.... The rest of your fleet can gain from this advantage too as the Veliky Class Escort, with its powerful main turret and ack ack batteries, protects your larger ships.  Escort ships attach to your battleships or carriers to give them more protection with added Anti Air fire, or protection from torpedoes etc.

They are one of the most different models out there, but then this isn't a historical game, more of an alternate history, a "What if" history.

Adding air support to your fleet you get 10 stands of "Tiny Flyers" which represent, dive bombers, torpedo bombers, Fighters, or Recon planes.  Which ever you choose.
Very small (Leetle babies!-M), they look hard to paint,as hey are quite detailed for tiny models, but then I may surprise myself!  Spartan say about the Russian flyers.....  Russian Coalition Tiny Flyer Tokens are swept-back biplanes that feature oversized engine compartments and an overly-large fuselage. As such, they stand true to the Russian’s status as an industrial powerhouse, and are a menacing addition to the skies above the battlefield.

Rounding out the models in the box you get a pair of Myshkin bombers, and plastic flight stands for them.  Again I found them rather odd looking to be honest, and they may have drawn some unrepeatable rude nicknames and comments from some but I like them
 Multi part models, a metal nose on resin body.
Spartan say... A testament to the exceptional prowess of Russian Coalition engineers, the Myshkin Class Bomber presents a highly unique attack. A final bombing run will culminate in the detachment of the aircraft’s heavily reinforced nose from the main body of the craft. The sturdy metal shell will then plummet from amid the clouds to crash through the enemy’s decks, causing incalculable devastation.

Then you get a pack of cards with stats fro your models on for quick reference.

A nice addition that gives the basics on them.

Lastly you get a mini rulebook for your nation

In it you will find all the backstory of your nation and its dealing with other nations in the Dystopian Wars world, the rules for its Land, Sea, and Air forces, some nice pictures and any national rules.
Its a nice little booklet and worth a read of the fluff just to put you more into the world of the game.

Well now to begin painting them!