Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC1701-D model Star Trek official ships collection Eaglemoss

Something a little different for a Sunday....... I am a fan of Star Trek, yes I admitted it. And also to throw it into the mix and cause maximum internet rage, I think Picard IS better then Kirk.

I have the odd few random things scattered around that I like, this being one of them! its a model my favourite. The Enterprise D.... I love The Next Generation, and this is my favourite ship.
It comes from the Star Trek official ships collection by Eaglemoss (take a look here

It was picked up for me by my daughter, her words to her mother where "Daddy needs that he loves spaceships and that's Star Trek".  Yes she has picked that up, as you have seen from our Star Wars Xwing battle report Im getting her into it,first that then perhaps one day Attack Wing.
The metals a mix of die cast and plastic, and frankly VERY well made. It looks fantastic, just check out the detailing, clear plastic engine inserts that don't look nasty
Its high quality, very detailed with a nice amount of heft in it, and a very nice felt backed display stand to avoid scratching or slippage. And it has a nice name tag on it to remind you what ship

The ship is held securely but gently to avoid damage on its plinth.
All in all I must say I was very very surprised by this, the quality is top notch, it looks great on desk, and I am proud to have it! just a pity the magazine it came with was ruined (the little one did grab it from a bargain bin).


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