Whats to look forward to in the future?

I do enjoy writing this blog, and I love gaming of course.  so I thought I would use this little article to tell you about some things that are coming to look forward to in the future, as well as all the other bits and pieces that come to mind......
Firstly we have

In the Xwing world some new ships coming to the table top, as the Imperial player in the house I am looking forward to bringing this to the table
Olivia on the other hand has her own new toy to try and counter me....
It will allow for some list juggling but I cant wait to play with some more ships.

In other gaming news something is bubbling under the surface of the deepest seas.  A game I am really excited to take a look at.
It is about time the dust was blown off of one of my favourite miniature games of all time, and there was once more footsteps in the cursed city of Mordheim, and of course scuttling under the streets

There is another game that is on the horizon, Olivia suggested it after watching some videos on line about it and has already picked her faction.  Federation of course.  Typical I wanted them and Picard so I shall have to choose between Klingon and Romulan mainly.  It is exciting that she Is suggesting a new game, initially It was because she watched the video and said she knows how to play it as it is similar to xwing, but she liked the ships as well, helps we watch an episode or 2 together on a Sunday.
Keeping the space theme a revisiting of an old classic in a modern light.

There is plenty of great gaming things to look forward to coming! so stick with us.


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