Thursday, 28 June 2018

Star Trek Attack wing Scimitar Reman Warbird build

The Scimitar is a best of a ship, and that can be seen in its cost.  For this build I will only be using the cards that come in the set.  The 50pt per ship rule will be used for one build, as the ship is very limiting due to its cost.  After the 50pt build then I cut loose. So lets look at the first build.
The named Scimitar of course, high attack good defence very high hull and good shields, its fast powerful, and can do a come about as well. A real predator of a ship.  The named ability allows you to reamin cloaked after attacking for the cost of an auxiliary power.  It is a pricey ship at 38 points though, so it limits what else can be added to the build.  For captain I have gone with shinzon, he is 6 points, but gives you a skill 9 putting you moving last and shooting first against most opponents.  The only other upgrade on the ship is Photon torpedoes.  THey are a plus 2 bonus to a Reman Warbird class ship so you have 7 damage torps, and the Scimitar has a rear arc, so this is a real threat from there.

So you don't get much for 50 pts, so lets see what happens when  the restrictions come off, still just cards from the pack, but lets see what you can make......

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing Gornarus Gorn Raider ship build

The Gorn raider is another one of those ships designed for fun and missions, so lets see what we can come up with.

I shall use the same rules as always, no more then 50pts, and only the cards used in the pack.
So what have we got and why.........

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Marts Book Corner: Spitfire Pilot by FLight Lieutenant David Crook DFC

When I was a young lad I wanted to join the RAF like my grandfather who flew Typhoons in WW2.  I desperately wanted to fly a Spitfire, its such a beautiful machine.  When I got older and realised they did not use them any more I lost interest in the idea.  But did not loose my love for aviation or that magnificent shape.  The mother in law picked this up for me for Christmas as it had been out of print for many years.
"Spitfire Pilot" was written in 1940.........

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Star Trek Attack wing Fina Prime Vidiian battle cruiser build.

Today we look at builds for the independent Vidiian ship.  Only using the cards in the pack, and with a limit of 50pts most.  So lets see what we can do with it!
The ship adds some more punch to the independent faction, and with the right upgrades can be an intimidating  prospect.  so lets see what upgrades we have!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Stat Trek Attack wing Vulcan D`kyr ship build

In this ship build we look at the Vulcan forces again.  I really like them for some reason.  they are not considered the best, but I enjoy using them, and I think you can create some fun and interesting builds.  so lets look at the D`kyr.  As always no more then 50points, and only using the cards in the pack to get the most out of the ship.
So lets dive in and see what we can do....

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Battle of Greenbrier River West Virginia October 3rd 1861 Battle Cry battle report

Time for another battle report for you from Battle Cry, with me taking the role as the Confederates, and Olivia commanding the Union forces.  So far the Confederates have won all the battles we have fought, will luck change for the Union forces?

The Battle of Greenbrier River, also known as the Battle of Camp Bartow, took place on October 3, 1861 in Pocahontas County, Virginia (now West Virginia) as part of the Operations in Western Virginia Campaign during the American Civil War.

In mid-September 1861 Confederate troops established Camp Bartow in the Cheat Mountain Area. The Confederates, under the command of General William B. Taliaferro, had the advantage of knowing the land but their numbers were greatly reduced due to sickness. Taliaferro had reported that his army had been reduced to one-third strength.

Controlling the Union forces in Cheat Mountain and Tygart's Valley was General Joseph J. Reynolds. Reynolds’ army's spirits had been heartened due to their success in repelling General William W. Loring's troops. Reynolds believed that he would be able to defeat Taliaferro and clear the mountain for a quick route to Virginia. For two days it rained non-stop and due to the cold weather both troops lost men.

Reynolds troops began to move at midnight on October 2, 1861 and by daylight they entered Greenbrier, roughly four miles from the Confederate camp.

At 8 o’clock in the morning the Confederate soldiers guarding the camp left their posts and the Union soldiers entered the Confederate camp. Upon opening fire, the Confederate Army was having trouble working their weapons and while they were trying to fix them they were forced to move out into the open due to the Union armies significant firepower.
When Colonel John B.Baldwin, who was in charge of the 52nd Virginia Infantry, heard the gunshots he immediately left camp with all of his men and went to help the Confederates. By the time they reached the battlefield they thought it was too late, but when the Union army saw more men coming they continued to fire and the battle continued for approximately five more hours. Reynolds ordered his troops to return to Cheat Mountain breaking off the battle.

After the battle was finished both sides realized the losses were not great. In an attempt to appear superior both the Union and the Confederates increased the enemies losses and both reported that they had lost around three-hundred men. When the results were calculated the Union had eight men killed and thirty-five men wounded. The Confederates had lost six men, had thirty-three wounded, and thirteen men missing. The result of the Battle of Greeenbrier River was inconclusive.

Lets see how it played out on the tabletop.......

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing Koronak ship build

Today we look at the Cardassian Keldon class ship the Koranak.  What can we build from the pack that follows the standard 50pts or less rule, and only using the cards in the pack?  Well there are a couple of very good builds I want to try in this pack so lets look at the first one.
The Koranak is a solid ship, with good firepower and hull.  its named ability allows you split its attack with its primary weapon at the cost of a scan action.  It allows some flexibility with firepower to hit where I need to, if I do not need all the shots to finish a cripple ship, I can just chuck a few dice, then concentrate the rest where it needs to be.  Gul Dukat is the Captain, with a skill 7, he is a solid choice.  His ability allows you to get a free evade or battlestations each turn.  For his elite talent I have taken captured intelligence.  It allows you to place an evade if you don't have one, and get an extra defence dice that turn.  Combined with Dukats battlestations  you can dodge things well.  When you add the cloaking device as well, which allows you to cloak and gain the sensor echo ability.  This ship can run and cloak, or stay and fight, it adds some versatility.  Boheeka takes the crew role, if you have a battlestations token beside your ship when you attack you can convert a blank into a hit.  He works well with Dukats free battlestations.  For Tech I added the cloaking device, it allows the ship to cloak and sensor echo adding some tricks to its arsenal.  For weapons we have the dorsal weapons arrya, which is only 3 attack, but attacks in any direction giving you that cover when you need it.  And enhanced weaponry to add that 6 dice punch if its needed at range.

Now there is another alternate build I wanted to try, so lets take a look.....