Warlord Games Bolt Action Assault on Normandy starter set review WW2 28mm Osprey

Assault on Normandy is the starter set for the game Bolt Action. Created by British company Warlord games, and Osprey publishing. Written By Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestly.
This review is mainly going to be focusing on the starter set itself. The Contents are....
Bolt Action: Assault on Normandy contains:

Full-colour 216-page hardback Bolt Action rulebook
40 multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm miniatures:
20 US Army infantry
20 German Heer infantry
1 hard plastic Ruined Farmhouse
8 Bolt Action Orders Dice

So let’s get into this..... The set arrived and I was excited! I mean just look at the box it’s beautiful!!
if you want to know more head on over to the warlod games site here... http://www.warlordgames.com/

Initial impressions are..... Wow I love the artwork!! Reminds me of the victor and warlord annuals I used to read as a youngling (not a bad thing). Secondly, the size of the box, its small, well I say small, its smaller then some "Other" game systems starter box. The worry about the size was put off when I picked it up. Man this thing is hefty! So it must be full of goodies right? RIGHT!!!

Open sliding the box Lid off you’re greeted by a thin sheet of paper, just to protect the Lavish looking Rulebook... Ah the rulebook, it is beautiful to behold. You can definitely see the quality and feel it when you pick it up. All the previous Warlord books I've had have been of excellent "Coffee Table" quality. And this one is no exception. Full Colour Hardback, glossy pages filled with fantastic models, and more artwork from the large selection of Osprey material, and graced with striking cover art, it’s a fine addition to any gamer’s horde. It comes in at a smaller size format then most rulebooks we are used to, not in content, but in actual dimensions. It’s shorter which is easier to transport and read, so I’m happy with that!

You also get a welcome to the game sheet, with some brief information, suggestions for starting lists, and other available models in it, and a sheet for your German and American models. These sheets are parts guides to weapons and arms so you don’t get too confused, I found them very helpful!! Make sure you keep hold of them. All of the sheets are nice glossy full colour so that’s an extra bonus.

After removing a layer of card that protects the book and paperwork from the rest of the box, you are met by the mass of plastic in here. There is a lot!

And then there are the order dice... I shall come back to those

The infantry have weapons sprues full of goodies! From rifles, sniper rifles, smgs, lmgs, binos, pouchs, ammo packs, bazookas, all sorts of things. Enough to load out your troops for battle. And create all sorts of differing options. The main rulebook contains army lists for the 4 major nations, USSR, GB, USA, and Germany.
The variety of models you can build is impressive, from sniper to teams, to officers, to observers, to bazooka and panzerfaust teams. With the variety of options included. It’s so easy to individualize your models with the excellent plastic multi-pose kits.

The building included...... that is amazing! so detailed, and can be built in a multitude of different ways, it is a very detailed and versatile kit, more than solid enough to stand up to the rigors of tabletop wargaming. Take a look for yourself at all the parts you get!

The order nice are nice, and functional, a good touch to the set. That provides added value.
All in all the set is excellent, great rules, great minis, great scenery, and great value! The only thing it’s lacking and this is a minor complaint is some regular d6 for gaming. I know we all have plenty around, but you can never have too many!
Overall score 9/10
Closing thoughts….
If you want to play a great 28mm tabletop ww2 game, with some innovative mechanics, good fun play, and nice rules, you can not get better then this! I love this game, got Morgan into and am working on all my friends too.


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