Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mauldin Saturday

Howdy all! A few Mauldin funnies for your Saturday. Hopefully yours is more hobby productive than mine. I'm moving on Monday so today is all about prepping for that.

Shamelessly liberated from Bill's website.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Painted Warlord games ITALERI Bolt Action Plastic M4 Sherman final review

As some of you saw, recently I got the chance to put together the plastic M4 for my Bolt Action forces, and was highly impressed in my initial article.  Now the beast has seen paint on it, and frankly I am even more impressed!
As you guys know I'm not a great painter, I leave that to Morgan.  I like to play and build, painting is a means to an end with me. But I am thrilled with how it has turned out, it took paint really well, unlike some resin models i have tried in the past. looks great, went together great in fact i want another one now!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

All Hail...

...The mighty airbrush!
Doesn't look like much? It's the trousers for 52 British Line Infantry done in a nice, solid, medium grey in half an hour, including paint dilution and cleanup. That would have taken forever.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Remember these guys? It took me a seven hour building marathon, but the Victrix British Line Infantry are ready for primer!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bill Mauldlin

 My grandfather, a WW2 Navy veteran, had a lot of books on the war. My favorite since I was a wee little thing has been this one, Up Front, by Bill Mauldlin. He was an editorial cartoonist who drew for the Stars and Stripes, the US Army newspaper. The two main characters in his works are Willie and Joe, "two weary and bedraggled infantry troopers who stoically endure the difficulties and dangers of duty in the field". These comics are good as, and we're going to post a few every Saturday to give you guys a little something fun.


Friday, 23 May 2014

Baby's First Bolt Action Game: Regular Americans vs Rooskies

I had a BLAST. I only have 623 points of Americans, and one of the guys at the shop was gracious enough to match me for points and throw down.  Let's jump into it, shall we?

I've mentioned my list in a previous post. Add in a 75mm Sherman with all the trappings.

1st Lieutenant equivalent, I think.
x5 SMG, Regular
x9 Rifle with a LMG, Veteran
x9 Rifle with a LMG, Regular
x10, I think, of their free squad of Inexperienced Infantry

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

An interview with Andy Chambers

Andy Chambers: Andy is a veteran writer for the Warhammer 40,000 universe with more than 20 years’ experience creating worlds dominated by giant robots, spaceships and dangerous aliens. He worked at Games Workshop as lead designer of the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures game for three editions and also was responsible for Battlefleet Gothic and Epic! He later moved to the PC gaming market to work on the hit real time strategy game Starcraft2 by Blizzard Entertainment. Andy has written several short stories and two novels for Black Library, Survival Instinct and Path of the Renegade. Andy has also been involved in writing DUST Warfare, The Starship Troopers game and is currently creating rules for Bolt Action and Blood Red Skies.

This is an older piece pulled from the vaults of my email, whew I was lucky enough to get a little of Mr Chambers time. The guys a gaming legend, and may I say a jolly nice chap as well, even if he has a disturbing love for the Soviets in ww2.  It features primarily his time at GW. 
A few more feathers have been added to the cap since then including a game called Dust Warfare, the Soviet book for Warlord Games fabulous Bolt Action, and Fanticide, with  flying poop flinging monkeys. need i say more.  Though the most exciting thing is I hear is he is working on a large  scale space fleet combat again.....

Originally this was posted by me on the forum
I thought it was time to bring it to a wider audience and update it a touch. anyway here goes.....

Monday, 19 May 2014

Force on Force Modern wargaming rules. Osprey Publications and Ambush Alley games initial impressions and Review

 As a gamer my tastes are varied, and there is nothing i enjoy more than a nice new rulebook.
Gaming rules come in all sorts of types, and sets.  And believe me I have seen all sorts ranging in quality from the printed out or photocopied rule sets to the almost “coffee table” style book. 

Force on Force defiantly falls into the second category.  Its a full colour 220 page hard Back book and you can see that it has received the "Osprey touch" full of beautiful artwork, photographs, clear printing and well bound.  It Is a book I'm proud to leave out to be seen. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Warlord games ITALERI Bolt Action Plastic M4 Sherman initial impressions

It was a most exciting day when the postman arrived today.  New toy day is always to be savoured, and I was looking forward to this delivery hugely!

I had barely shut the door before opening the packaging to discover this beauty inside.


It’s one of the new plastic 28mm 1/56th scale plastic models from the Warlord Games, Italeri  co-operation.  I have fond memories of building Italeri model kits as a youngling with my Grandfather so was excited to see them working together.

I have wanted to expand my bolt action US army for a while, and I have plenty of grunts on the grounds, so I needed armour.  The M4 Sherman was the only choice, iconic, cool looking, produced in massive numbers, and rather effective on the tabletop!

Righty let’s take a look at the outside of the box first, such great artwork on the front and back, and a nice little historical blurb as well.

So what comes inside? Well you get the sprues all bagged up, an instructions sheet, and little flyer, and decals. YES. DECALS!

I must admit I initially approached the cleanup and build process with some trepidation, as let’s be honest as nice as the warlord plastics are to look at, my lord they took some work to get together and where very fiddly.  Something I do hear has changed in the newer ranges where weapons come already attached to arms.

I dry fitted all the bits together as I clipped them off the sprues, following the instructions.  The pieces needed the most minimal cleanup I have seen, just filing the clipped edges of plastic office. Even the way they clipped out was a change from some of the recent plastic kits I have built; they came off the sprue so easily but are still solid.
The detail is excellent; the track assembly looked scary in the instructions and pictures, but went together a breeze, is solid and looks great.

Putting this kit together you will find so many nice touches, like the way the tracks are fitted to the rollers meaning you cannot really mix them up

I powered through the build, having a great time, the instructions are clear, but sometimes it’s handy to keep the box there as the art has pictures showing front and rear views so you can make sure things are going in the right places, or the right way up.

It’s easy to weigh down if you don’t like the lightness of the model; the hull is hollow so some weight and PVA can go a long way here.
As you can see the hull fits perfectly together dry fitted, just sat on top in the pic, and when glued in place is nice and snug with no filling required.

The turret again fits together nicely, and the .50 cal fits nicely into the peg hole for it. The plastic Aerial is a nice touch, though I am not sure how durable it will prove in everyday gaming.

Overall I am really impressed with this kit and can say in all honesty that this is THE BEST plastic war gaming kit I have ever built. You can really tell that Italeri added their extensive skills to the mix and came out trumps.

There will be more blog posts showing the work on the Sherman in the future so keep your eyes on the blog. And in the mean time I can’t recommend highly enough popping over to and picking one or two or more up!



Monday, 12 May 2014

Eggshell Foam Miniature Holder

I'm feeling a little clever with this one. I have some eggshell foam laying around, and I've been using some to hold loose bits and minis to assemble. It works well as a temporary thing, and it doesn't slide around. With one cut of the raised portions of the foam, you have a "third hand" to hold miniatures while glue dries.

Why not just place the minis flat on their bases? I'm finding that the weight of the arm/gun assembly moves on its own more easily with the base down compared to being held like this.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The "To Do" list

Write up what you have to do hobby-wise, he says. It'll be good for the blog, he says... Good golly I've got a lot in the ol' hobby queue. Let's kick off the shame train, eh?

Friday, 2 May 2014

Building a Hungarian Army for Flames of War

I was asked by a friend and reader of the blog to shed some light on the Hungarian forces in WW2 and a list to get started in Flames of war.  It is long overdue so here it begins!
Hungary was a member of the Axis powers during WW2, and  benefited territorially from its relationship with them initially.

 In 1940, under pressure from Germany, Hungary joined the Axis powers.  Although initially hoping to avoid direct involvement in the war, Hungary's participation soon became inevitable. In 1941, Hungarian forces participated in the invasion of Yugoslavia and Operation Barbarossa.