Models to use in Witchfinder General - Days of Revelation

Hopefully you have all read our article on Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation , if not go here and read it then come right back!

In today's article we are taking a look at some models you can use for your games of Witchfinder.

So takes a look and see what we can find!

 This is from the Wizkids Horroclix range. They are easily and cheaply available on line.  Yes the models are not the best quality for pre-pains, but with some work some of them could be usable!
 Harpy or gargoyle monsters.  Could be fun to create some units, or perhaps as a witch's familiar?
 The Figure on the left could prove fun for games set in the New World.
 These could look great as Barguests
 a Werewolf, and a vampire. the vampire is a bit too modern looking, but with some green stuff could be useful.
 werewolf and barguest models
 some other gribbly creatures

 This is a mage knight model, could be the green man! or a swamp monster of some kind
 more Mage Knight goodies
 I think these Mage Knight Werewolves are excellent!
 Some models from Games Workshops sadly now defunct Mordheim range.  These witch hunters look like veterans!
 Some great looking angry villager models
 a barguest, or a war hound to add to your own witch hunting crew.  Plus a village idiot, every one needs him to add to an angry mob for fun! or perhaps as an objective? rescue the captive.
 a Noctelinger perhaps?
 could be a werewolf or a barguest!
 a Great looking model to use as a witch with broom in hand
 These models are from the Reaper bones range, some good scenery or objective pieces here!
 Angry villagers and civilians
 again civilians or members to add to the angry village mob, there are some nice choices here, its a pity the casts do not look top quality, but they are value priced.
 could count as a werewolf?
 again another counts as werewolf with human form
 vampire! and bat form!
finally we finish with some classic old rogue trader era wolves. always  good to have works well for familiars or barguests.

A great thanks to friend of the blog Heph for having a dig around in his epic collection to find these out for us to take a look at.


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