New year, new content

Well guys, thank you for sticking with us, I know it has been a bit quiet on here this last month, but that's due to real life I am afraid, a job change and of course xmas.

Well on the good side with some reorganisation of time, we are looking at coming back swinging in the new year so keep with us!

Morgan- I'm going to try and do some super cheap hobby things, such as terrain. Yeah, mostly terrain, and not painting it either. I have been wickedly busy with my masters program, but that hobby itch has been biting awfully hard after the first term. It will be interesting to see what I can come up with at Poundland (snicker). And maybe, juuust maybe, I'll squeeze in some miniatures. You only need 5 paints, see, the primaries plus black and white. 

Watch this spaaaaace.


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