History at Home. Exploring your local area. Some History from Plymouth

I love history, reading it, watching it, playing it as well.... Sometimes though we forget what is right outside our door step. 

I am lucky living in a city with such a long military history, it means there are things hidden away to look at, find discover, learn about and enjoy.  If you just look.
Im often out walking with the little one, and do stop to take pictures of the odd interesting thing as I see them.

A fort, with a padlocked gate so we could not venture in, but even looking at it outside its a stunning building.

On one of more recent strolls we took a route we have never before, and saw many interesting things, a memorial to Scott of the Antarctic, military gates in defensive walls, and this best of all, an old artillery position from the middle of the 19th century
 It was nice though that some unfortunately vague plaques had been put down, but still better then it being knocked down or forgotten like many things now.

Certainly here in England, when you see an Arrow carved in the wall its an MOD symbol (ministry of Defence). meaning he building near or boundary where military in origin.
It's hard to see on this pic, but the metal sheets of the bridge are heavily bomb damaged from WW2. Just keep your eyes out, you never know what you can find.

What Im getting at here is, do not forget your OWN history. Whats in your town, in your  street even, hidden around the next corner. Get out and enjoy it, it encourages me to learn more when I have found things.

Get out there and explore guys!! and let us know if you find something cool!
If any one is interested I may do some more articles on Plymouths history.


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