Tuesday, 30 September 2014

History in your Area

A quick riff off of Mart's post about history around your town. I was in Dekalb, Illinois visiting family before heading to O'Hare when, lo and behold, on the drive out of town, what do we pass? But a Stuart Light Tank!
I think it is a M3. There wasn't much time to stop and examine, I barely got this photo driving by. Pretty neat, eh? (Mart - awesome! I would have had to stop... I love tanks!  Keep things like this coming its great seeing bits of history from home.)

Friday, 26 September 2014

X-Wing Slave 1 Firespray Expansion Unboxing

As a youngling I had the toy of Slave 1, and I have to say it was great fun to play with, flying it with the handle playing all those great Star Wars moments.  In fact for a character and ship that was not in the trilogy very much, Slave 1 and Boba Fett where was certainly a favourite of mine, and a lot of others!

So the chance to bring that ship to the table in the X-Wing game could not be missed.  So whats in the box? read on to see.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Downfall (2004 Film)

Downfall is one of my favourite films of all time, its amazing.  Released in 2004 it is a German film,and know as Der Untergang.  It comes with English subtitles  depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitlers reign over Nazi Germany in 1945.

The film is based upon the books Inside Hitlers Bunker, by historian Joachim Fest;
Until the Final Hour, the memoirs of Traudle Junge, one of Hitler's secretaries; Albert Speers memoirs, Inside the Thrid Reich; Hitler's Last Days: An Eye–Witness Account, by Boldt; Das Notlazarett unter der Reichskanzlei: Ein Arzt erlebt Hitlers Ende in Berlin by Doctor Schenck; and, Knappe's memoirs, Soldat: Reflections of a German Soldier, 1936–1949.

The acting in this film is just amazing, Bruno Ganz, playing Hitler is first rate!  Ganz conducted four months of research to prepare for the role, studying an 11-minute recording of Hitler in private conversation with Finnish Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim in order to mimic Hitler's conversational voice and distinct Austrian dialect properly.

Let's take a plot run down....

Friday, 19 September 2014

Building the Soviet Zvezda Katyusha 15mm 1/100 Soviet rocket truck and final Review

The Katyusha was an "Interesting" build.  I am happy with how it turned out though and I learned a few tips for further builds.  Lets take a quick history lesson on the Katy...

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Battle of Britain & the Blitz 3 DVD and memorabilia set WW2

As you may have guessed I love History.  My wife "Tolerates" my nerdy needs to record documentary after documentary on the subject to watch (usually when she is out).

The thing is she knows how much of a nerd I am, and now and then will surprise me with something.  This was one of those occasions.

Friday, 12 September 2014

X-Wing Miniatures Millenium Falcon YT1300 Pilot builds: Han Solo, Chewie, Lando, Outer Rim

The YT1300 has some pretty solid builds, here I am taking a look at the pilots included in the expansion, to see what we can come up with, and what roles they may fulfil.

Firstly we have the Lowly Outer Rim Smuggler

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Naval Battlegroup Unboxing

I have long looked at Dystopian Wars and thought about getting into it, but was stopped by the fact that no one I know plays it (Don't you dare-M).  One of my good friends has also been looking at it for ages, and after a couple of years of looking and debating we finally took the plunge.  He went for the British forces, and I went for the Prussians.  Now I know I said Prussians but the article is Russians.  The site I ordered them from sent me the wrong ones! I debating sending back, the cost and effort of that, plus the Russian models when I looked at them where actually quite cool. so I stuck with them!

The Naval battle group was the best starting point, we each picked up one of our chosen (or in my case given) forces so we could fight it out relatively fairly.

The back of the box features some nice art work with actual size pictures of the ships, and a little background on the Russians as well.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Before the Fall 2004 German ww2 film

As you may have noticed from previous posts my film collection contains some obscure war films, and this is another one of them I would like to share with you.  Today I bring for your entertainment Before the Fall, a 2004 German film with English subtitles. So whats it all about?


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

History at Home. Exploring your local area. Some History from Plymouth

I love history, reading it, watching it, playing it as well.... Sometimes though we forget what is right outside our door step. 

I am lucky living in a city with such a long military history, it means there are things hidden away to look at, find discover, learn about and enjoy.  If you just look.
Im often out walking with the little one, and do stop to take pictures of the odd interesting thing as I see them.

A fort, with a padlocked gate so we could not venture in, but even looking at it outside its a stunning building.