Marts 1000 points Bolt Action American US army ready to play

To match my Bolt Action Germans in battle as I show new people the game I need a 1000pts US force, so I dug out my models and book and went to town to see what I had....
Its a mixed force mainly Regular, with a few vet options.

So whats in it? Firstly the HQ

Hes a Vet 2nd LT with a Adjutant with SMG
The meat of the force is 4 10 man squads of Regular troops, each with an NCO with an SMG, and a BAR.
With the automatic rifles rule, these guys can move and shoot with no penalties making them a mobile force, plus the BAR for longer range fire if they need to hunker down somewhere.
Next up is a 7 man Vet squad, 4 SMGs and a BAR, they are there for storming into close combat if needed and adding that survivability to the force.  So nearly 50 foot troops to contend with!
Providing some mobile Anti Tank, and anti infantry too if its needed is a regular Bazooka team.
Providing Fire support is a regular 81mm medium mortar raining HE shells on enemy positions.


And a regular Sniper team to lurk and pick out targets
The list is finished off by good old Sabine Sally, a regular M4 with the .50 cal upgrade so she can engage multiple targets laying down maximum firepower in an anti tank or infantry role with her dual purpose gun.
Here is the force in all its glory
A solid force with armour, anti armour, HE, and plenty of boots on the ground the mobility of the infantry means its a very versatile force.

What would I add to take it to 1250? a scout car, a .30cal team and some nice toys I think!


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