Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Reliant Ship Build

In this ship build article we look at the USS Reliant, a favourite of mine from the movie Wrath of Khan, and the Miranda class is seen in most of the Series from TNG to DS9.  As always only the cards in the pack, and builds under totalling under 50pts.
 We start with the named Reliant, she gives you an extra plus one at range one making her a ship that likes to fight up close and personal.  For Captain we have Terrell, he provides a defensive bonus to the other ships in your fleet.  For crew we have Chekov, who allows you to count a white manoeuvre as a green one for removing stress, which can be handy as the Reliant has a 2 red reverse.  Kyle as an action allows you repair a shield at the loss of two attack dice if you did a green manouver, still very useful to keep this small ship in the fight.  She cant stand in the main line of battle with the big boys, but is a solid support ship and can punch above her weight class in close.

Now the Second build, since we all know Khan came with this pack.....

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Gates of Arkham expansion for Elder Sign from Fantasy Flight Games

I love the Cthulhu mythos game Elder Sign, its an excellent game that plays well, and fast.  Being Fantasy Flight Games you knew there would be expansions to add more, and im happy with that as i love the game.  This one though does more than just adding new cards, it reinvents the way its played giving you a whole new version of the game to try, and still adding other cards for the regular game.

Witch-cursed, legend-haunted Arkham, whose huddled, sagging gambrel roofs and crumbling Georgian balustrades brood out the centuries beside the darkly muttering Miskatonic.
H. P. Lovecraft , The Thing on the Doorstep 

Gates of Arkham takes the struggle against the Ancient Ones out of the museum and into Arkham, where monsters lurk in darkened alleyways and bystanders become the victims of gang rivalries. In the featured  Streets of Arkham game mode, new Arkham Adventures and Mythos decks replace the original Adventure and Mythos decks, sending investigators on adventures throughout the city as four new Ancient Ones threaten to arise. Only by braving the city’s ubiquitous perils can you triumph against the ancient and awakening evil.

Lets pop it open, take a look inside, and see what new additions we get, and how it changes the game.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing Gor Portas Breen Battle Cruiser Dominion Build

The Gor Portas is the Breen battle cruiser that led the attack for the Dominion during the Second Battle of Chin'toka, a resounding victory that ended in the destruction of the U.S.S. Defiant and many other ships. The Breen Energy Dissipator was a feared weapon capable of completely disabling a ship's weapons, shields, and engines.

It is a great looking ship, and I am trying to get the best out of it again following the 50pt rule and faction pure as well.
The Gor Portas is built for combat, solid manoeuvres, a solid hull and shields, a 2 dice evade and 3attack but 4 weapon upgrade options!.  When you fire torpedoes with her you do not need to spend your target lock to do so, meaning you can use it on the rolls from your torpedoes themselves.

To captain the ship we have....

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

TIE Interceptor ship build for X-Wing Miniatures game

Today we look at getting the most out of the TIE Interceptor.  As always using only the cards in the pack, and looking at the best uses for the ship.
 Here is my favourite build for the TIE/IN so lets take a closer look.....

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Star Trek Attack Wing Enterprise NX-01 ship build

We look at the build for the NX today.  As always using only the cards that come in the pack, and under 50points.
As you may recall from the original article, she's a fragile ship, but with the right upgrades she does have a roll to fill.

So what can we take? read on and see.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Dice masters DC Justice League 2 Player Starter set

As regular readers know, I love Dice Masters, its a great game, and it really got my interest in superheroes going.  The Justice league set does contain my two favourite heroes, Superman and Batman so I was very excited to take a look at the cards in this set.
Great DC art on the front of the box, and all over it as well!
So lets take a look and see that you get in this set to add to your Dice masters experience......

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game ARC-170 ship build

Trying to find the best way to kit out the lumbering old ARC is a challenge, but using only the cards that come in the pack, heres how i built mine for combat, so we can look at how, and why, and what roll she will perform for you in battle.
Theres quite a slew of upgrades, so lets take a closer look and see where she shines.....