Warlord Games Ruined Farmhouse 28mm terrain for Bolt Action or other games

The Warlord Games ruined Farmhouse came  in the Bolt Action starter set and can be bought by itself here http://store.warlordgames.com/collections/bolt-action/products/ruined-farmhouse

Warlord Games describes it as...

Nothing enhances a tabletop battle more than great-looking, evocative terrain. Whether your games are set in Renaissance, Horse & Musket period (1700 - 1900) or the World Wars, this great plastic ruined farmhouse will provide you with an objective to take and hold or provide life-saving cover from enemy fire for your brave troops.
This plastic kit is modular, allowing you to construct the building in a variety of ways straight out of the box!

I have to agree! normally I hate painting terrain. In fact I am not much of a fan of painting in general, but I need some terrain and this does look good so I broke out the brushes

The set is modular and you can build it up any way you like,so I have built it into three parts, a mini wall here...

  a small ruined building
 and the farmhouse.
 I painted it quickly and simply, using a grey colour and a big brush slapped it on first. when it was dry, I used an off white colour to pick out the plaster, then brown for the woodwork
when it was finished and all dry I gave it a heavy wash which really picked the details out. a better painter then me could do wonders with this kit, but I think I have done ok, and it is certainly  tabletop ready in a quick time. its well worth picking this kit up as it works in many time frames and game systems


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