Timeline Star Wars game review by Asmodee games

Today we look at Timeline Star Wars from Asmodee games.  Its a card game for 2-8 players. Set in the "original" trilogy of Star Wars Films.
 It comes in a nice box that clearly has the age ranges, amount of players and game time on it.
 The Tin has raised art on it, and features iconic artwork from the classic Star wars era.

Inside the box....

you will find the cards cards nicely packed so its a game that you can store easily, and has inbuilt box control, always a bonus. easy to store, easy to get out and put away so set up and clear up time is minimal
 You also get a small rulebook.  The game does not have many rules so you don't really need anything more than it to learn the game as you will be up and playing in no time.
 The cards feature classic images from the original trilogy, and on one side have a time index.
 The idea of the game is to get rid of all your cards, the first player to do so wins.  You do this by building a Timeline,
 You pick one of your cards, and place it still date side down where you think it happened.  Did it happen before or after the main card.  Once you have placed it where you think it goes, you flip it over to show the date.  If it is correctly placed play moves on to the next player.  If the dates are wrong and not the correct order, then you discard that card and draw another from the deck.  Play continues with all players doing this until they run out of cards.
 So yes I know R2 and 3PO went to Jabba after Vaders speech in Empire strikes back.
 It can get tricky the more cards are put into the timeline, as the options start to get smaller
Here you can see a 4 player game in action, its looking good for player one, but the more cards in the time line, the more chances of getting it wrong.

It recommends from ages 8 up on the box, but I think this can be varied, , Olivia is 6, but loves the Star Wars films, so is not bad at it, but then when I play against my friends of similar age to me it gets real tense as we where all brought up on these films.

Its a great quick fun game for adults, the box states about 15 minutes for games, which is about right, though the games I have played I  found to be about 10 minutes, so its fast and does not outstay its welcome.  Its a good "filler" game, a great party game as you can play a few quick ones then move onto something else and come back to it with ease as there is so little to teach.

For a Timeline game series fan, its a nice addition to the set, which currently stands at Historical Events, Music and Cinema, Science and Discoveries, Inventions and General Interest. though I do not think this would be compatible with the current sets.  But as a Star Wars fan this is a must have, if for nothing else then flicking through the cards, but playing it is great, especially with other Star Wars fans.

Though its not as easy as you may think, I am a fan and even I struggled when the timeline got long, so its a challenge, plus an excuse to watch Star Wars for research purposes of course.

To check out another example of Timeline head over here to take a look at the Historical version.

Its RRP is £12.99 you can pick it up online here or from your local Waterstones, its perfect for the Star Wars fan in your life as a present, or of course as a present for yourself, and also take a look at the other sets in this series to build a wide collection to mix up Historical Events, Music and Cinema, Science and Discoveries, Inventions and General Interest.


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