Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord review by Joseph A. McCullough for Osprey Games

Thaw of the Lich Lord, is the new campaign expansion for the Fantasy skirmish wargame Frostgrave.  If you have not heard of it check out our earlier review.  Its a fantastic warband skirmish game, and if you are a miniature gamer you need it.

Now what does Thaw of the Lich Lord add?  Well a full linked campaign for a start!, and more....
Its a softback book, full colour with glorious artwork in it, the pages are high quality glossy print, and the layout is great, but you wouldn't expect anything less from Osprey Games.

You get a story driven linked campaign of 10 missions that you can......

play out from start to finish or use the missions as one of games for your Frostgrave group, though I think the campaign will be the primary reason you want this book.
 The art in this book is just superb, bringing everything to life.  You get the introduction to the story of the Lich Lord, that sets the mood for the campaign, it features a lot of undead in this campaign as it rightly should, since you are fighting the forces of darkness.  But then again it still works for the game, as a "good" wizard may be doing it to destroy the evil force, or plunder some goods, whilst a necromancer may want to usurp the Lich to be the most powerful one.
 Each scenario has a set-up guide, special rules, objectives, all the things you need to get playing the campaign.  The final encounter with the Lich Lord is brutal, he is tough to beat, and can be played with the games inbuilt AI for creatures, and the Lich has his own table he flows for situations.
 You get some new soldier options, the Bard will provide some support your other units, the Crowmaster adds a new way to play, the Javelineer adds some firepower and others too.....
 It also provides some new spells for your wizards to learn to add more variety.
New Treasures to collect, lots of new creatures and enemies in the Bestiary that can be added into your regular Frostgrave games and provide some tough opponents.

 We also get a little look forward to what's next for Frostgrave, it is great to see it being supported, and f the next book is a good quality as this one its a must have.

All in all, its a great addition to the Frostgrave game, a great book, just for reading and looking at the art let alone all the campaign and extras in here.  IT will enhance your normal Frostgrave game by providing more options as well so it really is a must have purchase if you have the game already, and if you do not have it, get the main rule book, and this one too!

If you head over to North star and follow the Nickstarter you can get the best deal on Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord and a hole load of extra bits as well, with great models for the game, and markers. Take a look  here and support it, its a great game and we shall you in the streets of Frostgrave.


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