Star Trek Attack wing IKS Korinar unboxing

The IKS Korinar was a Klingon Bird-of-Prey that was in service with the Klingon Defense Force in the late 24th century.
The Korinar warned the runabout USS Yukon away from investigating an apparent explosion of a cloaked object in 2372, claiming that the Klingons were conducting military exercises. The Korinar was in fact participating in a Klingon effort to mine the Bajoran system.
The Korinar is a B'Rel class  bird of prey, smaller with less punch then the K'vort, but cheaper.
Lets see what's in the pack

 A selection of tokens, as this is a prize ship there is no mission with it, but a nice mine field pack which fits the theme of the ship as she was used in DS9.
 The ship is plenty nimble with a good variety of moves.  The named Korinar has good firepower low defence, average hull and average shields.  Her named ability gives you a plus one attack die when you attack at range one whilst cloaked, meaning she can attack with 6 dice at close range.  We have a generic captain as always, and for the named captain we have Kurn. 2 points for skill 4, you don't pay faction penalty when assigning Kurn to any ship.  He also allows you a discount on the elite talent Mauk-to'vor.  That talent is an action to discard it and your captain.  In return you get an auxiliary power token and you get dice equal to half your captains skill added to your attack.
 The weapon upgrade in the pack is Ambush Attack.  a 5 dice attack. 6 if you are cloaked.  If you perform this outside of your enemies front arc you can convert all battlestations to hits.  Cloaked mines is an excellent tech upgrade, you can discard it in the planning phase to place a minefield that only affects enemy ships, not your own ones.  It effects all ships at range 1 of the minefield token, so can be an excellent area denial weapon.  Klingon stealth team is the crew upgrade, you can disable a tech or weapon on an enemy ship, and discard one of their crew.
 The ship has been seen before, but I do like the Bird of prey model, they are classic looking ships.
 as with all Attack wing models, a wash will bring it right up nicely/
 There is plenty of detail on the ship
A solid addition to the Klingon fleet, and much needed too I look forward to bringing to this to the table to try to control the Rampant Romulan expansion under Admiral Olivia


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