Dungeons and Dragons D&D Attack Wing Hobgoblin Troop unboxing

Leading the line for Evil troops are the hobgoblin troop expansion pack.
The Zhentarim employ many followers, but few are as ruthless as their personal troop of hobgoblin warriors, led by Amog the Shaman. With sophisticated battle tactics and rigorous battle formations, the Zhentarim Warband is always eager to enter the fray and bring death to their foes.

Today they have just such an opportunity. Hired by Eshaedra the Blue Dragon to transport goods to her new desert lair, the Zhentarim Hobgoblin Warband lead an Armored Wagon through treacherous terrain. Just as the wagon begins to have trouble making it up a difficult hill, a band of exceptional highwaymen arrive to relieve them of their treasures. Amog shouts to his minions to prepare themselves, but they are  ready: they've been itching for a fight since breakfast!

To find out more about how Troops work you can look at the Sun Elf article.

So what comes in this pack?

You get plenty of card tokens, including a cool looking cart for the mission included.
A nice selection of cards
So we have the Hobgoblin band, and the elite ZhentarimWarband.  The built in ability allows you to reroll one melee attack, so though these guys have bows as well you want them in close combat fighting their enemies.
We get a whole load of heroic cards in the pack, like sophisticated tactics, for an action you can do an additional manouver to close ground quicker, which is good when you want to fight!  Scatter lets you get extra defence against cone, burst or line attacks, which is handy as attacks like that will hurt!
Amog is the shaman leader upgrad, he allows you take a divine upgrade.  Prayer allows you to roll an extra attack and defence dice making these guys more effective up close.
Wedge formation allows you attack all enemy in range 1-2 in your arc.  Juggernaut mantlet gets discarded if you attack but until then gives you 2 evade tokens, handy to cover you until you are close enough to get in the fight.
Power attack is a passive ability, and lets you convert a hit into a critical.  Square formation allows you to attack any enemy in a 360 arc of your unit at range 1.
The Adventure we get is an uphill battle, it looks tough, but fun!, and thematic.
As always it gives you the set up rules required as you need to use the Cart token that comes with the pack.
The models are nice looking, a few have bent swords, but nothing a bit of straightening wont fix.
The point troop has a different coloured belt.
Of course all the troops are in scale with the other models in the game.


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