An interview with the Behind Enemy lines podcast "New Guy"

Behind Enemy lines is a great podcast if you haven't heard it, if you have you know they are friends of the blog, and all round top blokes.  For a quick catch up check out the main interview with the crew here

Recently the podcast has gained a new member, Damian, so I thought it only right we give him the same Garage Gamers interview treatment to see whats what.

1.       How did you join the podcast?
Heh, I turned up around episode 11 when Mike couldn’t make it and filled in so we wouldn’t have to listen to just Greg and Dan fumbling along… And I never left after that.
2.       How often can we hear you guys?
Well, if everything goes to plan every two weeks as we record the Wednesday straight after our club TCOW meets on the Sunday.
3.       How you did you get into gaming?
Always done some sort of gaming for as long as I can remember. When I was a little boy, I used to rock round to a mates place and we would start setting up over 10000 little plastic 1:76 soldiers on both sides of his lounge then take turns bowling marbles at them on Sunday. The ones that couldn’t stand up by themselves we took outside and executed. Usually in a fireworks explosion. Nothing serious until about 1987? I stumbled across the rogue trader book by GW in a comic shop and fell in love straight away. I was a hard out 40k player right up till 6th ed, played Warhammer fantasy in every edition until I found Kings of War, etc etc… Damn, I have too many systems to play now that I’ve given away GW completely.
4.       Do you think Kickstarter has affected  gaming in a positive way?
You know what? I do. There have been some absolute arse ones like Relic Knights/Warzone Resurrection/Dust and others (Yep, I got stung by those…) but for very arseballz kickstarter there’s another that’s successful and encourages more people to play. The mantic branded ones have been really good. If it gets us playing it’s a good thing.
5.       What are your least favourite parts of the hobby?
Painting. I hate it. I love assembling/kitbashing/modding and noodling lists and playing against anyone who wants a game. I just can’t stand painting. I can paint the damn things reasonably ok, I just don’t want to. I learnt how to drybrush so I can get my stuff onto the table quicker. I also don’t like fielding unpainted minis myself. It’s a necessary evil is painting…
6.       Top 3 tabletop/board games?
In order… Space Crusade-The boardgame and the Amiga 500 PC game! (and 40k 3rd ed), then Flames of War and finally Kings of War2.
7.       Top 3 Video games?
Red Alert 2 (Yuri’s Revenge-I’m humming the hellmarch song as I type this), Diablo 2 (Lord of Destruction) Heroes of Might and Magic 3… I’m an old school gamer kind of guy and I always sucked really badly at FPS’s. All I could do was bounce around and fire blindly.
8.       Best gaming moments?
Winning the NZ Natcon 2003 Flames of War (First Battlefront sponsored and run one in the world) tourney with my Version1 Italians in a field of 40! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Too funny. Over 3 days and 8 games I won 6, drew 1 and lost 1. I picked up best Army, tied for top sports, got the players choice of army, and was 4th on General points. It ended up as a dice off for first place as I had tied with two other dudes overall. I shrugged my shoulders, flipped a dice onto the table and was walking away before it stopped rolling… and it came up a six! I said “cheers guys!” The other two rolled 5’s so I won it. Seriously, my mates and I who were there still laugh about it to this day.
9.       Worst gaming moments?
Losing to Greg. In anything. Nah, he’s great to play against. Worst moment? Having a brainfart in the 2nd? 3rd? GW 40k Grand tourney-handing my Space Wolves opponent a draw on the last turn of the game because I drove away from the objective to beat him up some more with my Khorne berzerkers in a rhino-very thematic but cost me my top ten placing! Oh well, I still got best sport that year.
10.   Now you have had a rummage around the blog, any favourite articles?
That’s easy- Your battle report vs Olivia when you played the Nebula mission pitting KHAAAAAAAAAAN! Vs Kirk. Followed closely by your write up of the Reliant. I’m a huge Khan fan. Both original Khan and the rebooted one. Great character(s)
11.   What games are you looking forward to trying?
Still haven’t managed to get a game of TnT in yet (This Is Not A Test) Think Necromunda mixed with the Fallout console/PC games. It’s next on my to do list.
12.   Have any games disappointed you?
Age Of Sigmar.
13.   Do you think the end times for GW is a literal thing as the monolith company leans and may fall?
Nah, GW are like the gaming world’s version of the indestructible mega cockroach. Too many gamers who don’t play GW anymore still have armies hiding away, and there are always gamers ready to try it out. They are still the biggest company out there for tabletop atm, so I think they will survive anything. Like 6th ed 40k or AoS….   
14.   What made you pick the Borg in Attack Wing?
Seven of 9. Heh. Nah, The first time I saw them on the television I just about crapped myself as I thought they were incredible and gave the Trekkie universe an unstoppable type of foe kind of like the cybermen in Doctor Who, Arnie as the Terminator or the necrons in the 40k universe. So when I saw my first borg ship in the local gaming store (and was looking for a break from starwars xwing) I went… Yup! That’s me. Love it.
15.   How are you enjoying Star Trek Attack Wing?
Fun! I treat each time that I play as a mini episode and yup, I make all the sounds in my head as I blat a tactical cube around the board trying to assimilate everyone. I don’t load up on the card combos I ‘must have’ either. I just treat the game as something I can’t take too seriously and play for the lolz with my opponent. Like when I steal his photon torpedoes!
If that doesn't make you want listen I don't know what will! its great stuff to keep you entertained on your way to work and back, so
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