Dungeons and Dragons D&D Attack Wing Sun Elf Troop Unboxing

Today we are looking at the Sun Elf troop expansion pack, Troops give a new unit type to use, so lets look further in depth at them
The Harper Legion has recruited many powerful allies, including a troop of elven archers so deadly in their accuracy that they can find the weaknesses of the strongest enemies. Led by Limnen, the elven warrior with a mysterious past, they are known for forming up and peppering their enemies with countless arrows before their foes can even draw their weapons.

Today Limnen's troop has been given a difficult mission. Nymmestra the Wizard has sent them to retrieve an important missive left at the edge of a forest, knowing full well that the area is crawling with enemies who serve the evil dragons. But Nymmestra knows that Limnen has led her troops to countless victories.
So what's in the pack firstly?

The usual nice collection of tokens, including a base for each of our troops.
Plenty of cards come in the pack one equipment, one spell, and loads of heroic.
We get either the sun elf archers, or the more elite Harper Legion Elves.  The cost can vary as you stack more tokens on them (I will show that later) that increases the number of troops in the unit. 
We get some interesting cards in the pack, Mithral thorn lets you choose a critical damage, Line Formation allows you to attack everything in range 1-3 in your forward arc for a disable, very powerful.  Displacement lets you gets  extra defence.
Column formation allows you to ignore red moves on your dial.  Reassemble lets you pick a new point troop to create a new formation.
Elven accuracy allows you to disable it to pierce armour.  Limen acts as an upgrade he is your point troop and gives you + 1 agility.
Point blank shot gives you an extra dice at range one, first strike lets you attack before higher level units.  There are so many options to customise your troops.
You get the mission Behind enemy lines, to try and survive.
You get 6 troops, one is painted slightly differently to act as your point troop.  When you move you move from the point troop, then create any legal formation around him again.
The paint is nice, but I am not sure if the spears are meant to be curved or not.
They are all in scale though with the other models.
So formed up you can run in any formation so long as no troop is ahead of the point leader
You can change formation on the fly.
You have car chits that increase in points, as you take more troops. when one is killed you remove the top token which can change the statistics of the unit.
as you loose troops your attack may drop.
But as you loose troops your defence goes up as there are less of them.
The idea of troops is a great new thing to try, and im looking forward to seeing how they work on the table, but of course in smaller games you can just take one or two of them or a full unit.


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