Dungeons and Dragons D&D Attack Wing simple storage solution

Now you have followed us and seen all the great bits and pieces you get with the D&D Attack wing Mega Bundle, where are you going to store it? I wondered that.  I have come up with a simple solution for the time being until more suitable methods are found using the starter box.
The problem with the starter box is once the insert is out you have a massive hole in the lid, so all the bits can fall out, and with the insert in there is not enough room to store all your bits from the other packs.
Well I have the solution.....

Take the lid of the box, the one with the dirty great hole in, and the plastic lid from the insert that holds the dragons.
a bit of gel type superglue, or any glue of your choice really around the edge, and some time to set and.....
Everything fits nice and safe inside, its not ideal, for those that like to organise their tokens like me, but it keeps it all together until you can pick up some suitable containers for them.


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