Dungeons and Dragons D&D Attack Wing Green Dragon Unboxing

The Green Dragon expansion pack includes the generic green dragon and the named Claugiyliamatar.

'This wyrm delights in hunting down and slaughtering small armed bands wandering in the wilderlands (in other words: adventurers). From time to time she varies such activities with devouring a field of almost-ripe grain in Goldenfields or tearing apart a food-caravan bound for the northern interior and eating men, beasts, and cargo alike. Claugiyliamatar usually signals this last sort of triumph by plucking up a caravan wagon, flying very high (to avoid the attention of griffon-back city patrols until it's too late), and dropping the wagon down as a lethal missile on the roofs of Waterdeep
She comes in a large packet where you can clearly see the model.
You also get a bit of fluff about her as well.
Now what's in the packet.......

The green dragon is fairly nimble in the air, and can even backup  in the air.  There is the Generic Green Dragon and the named Claugiyliamatar, both of evil alignment.  Claugiyliamatar is not the most expensive dragon, has 3 attack. 2 defence, 4 health and 1 shield, so she is also not the most tank like dragon, but her ability causes attackers to roll one less die, so she has her uses, and has a range 2 attack front and behind her.  She has space for 2 dragon upgrades and 2 spell upgrades.  She comes with 3 different spell cards, Ice storm forces a 2 dice blast attack which can hurt all sort of enemies in one hit.  Protection from energy allows you to pick an energy type where you can cancel damage from it, handy if you know  a wizard wants to hurl a fire ball at you.  Lastly we have invisibility It lasts 3 turns, but stops enemies using their target on you, and you can side step (barrel roll/sensor echo) as a free action. You also get an extra two defence dice.
The dragon upgrades that come in the pack are Poison breath, which is a good upgrade as Claugiyliamatar is a poison type.  It attacks everything in a 3 range cone which is great for hitting multiple targets.  Toxic affliction wirks well with Poison breath, as if you have just hit targets with it, you can use it force enemy to roll more dice and potentially take more damage.  Derision gives an exhaustion token, I imagine Claugiyliamatar mocking and berating the enemy until they cant take any more.  Lastly the campaign artefact the Tome of Naming, it allows you to hit unique named creatures hard.
We also get the adventure "The Green Queen's Demesne" which again gives different story options depending on the results of the battle, and advises with set up and the options for setup.
As always the pack comes with a nice set of cleat and easy to read quality tokens.
Now onto the model itself, it is superb, well sculpted and up there with the best pre painted models for games Claugiyliamatar is a cracking model.
From every angle its a great model, big, detailed and well painted.  Claugiyliamatar will make a solid force on the table for Evil.


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