Dungeons and Dragons D&D Attack Wing Wraith Unboxing

The Wraith expansion pack adds a powerful character to the game and storyline with Lord Maximillian.

Lord Maximilian was once a thriving courtier, talented and beloved by his peers. But that was long ago. Regrettable decisions made during his life have landed him in the Barony Below as a Dread Wraith, where he rules his palace sunk deep beneath the earth. Many believe the story of his fate to be a fable, but those who venture into his domain know far better.

The Barony is about to be invaded, for many have learned that Maximilian can often recall his past, and what he remembers might be vital to the missions of those who seek the Primordial Graveyard...
So what comes in this pack? lets see

You get the usual nice tokens, and some wall ones for terrain.
A  nice selection of card as well.  The wraith is very nimble in the air, and moves the same on the ground as well.
You get the 25 point generic wraith, then the 50 points named wraith Lord Maximillian.  I love the Artwork on this card, its dark and menacing.  Both Wraiths have the incorporeal rule.  incorporeal is very powerful and gives the following benefits, 1. they are not effected by obstacles in any way. 2 their melee attacks pierce normal armour. 3.When attacked by a primary weapon they can convert a concentrate (focus) into an evade.  Combine that with 4 attack and 4 defence, 4 health and 1 armour and Lord Maximillian is a beast.
He can also take up to 4 monster upgrades, and you get some great ones in the pack.  Sinister Plot for an action stops an enemy attacking, Malevolent will lets you convert all your hits into critical hits!
Swift strike allows you to discard it to make a 3 forward manoeuvre after you have attacked.  Life drain allows you to remove damage when you inflict wounds keeping you alive longer, and making the wraith hard to get rid of.  Create spawn is a powerful card, if you kill an enemy creature you can summon another wraith to the table, its a generic one, but still, that's powerful!  The wraith is a truly frightening opponent as he should be and can go up against the biggest threats with confidence and power.
The Adventure the Barony below adds great story elements to the game, like all the adventures, you get to read different bits of the story if you win or loose the game, which makes you want to try multiple attempts to read all the endings, so its a great stand alone mission, or it can be put in with all the others to form the overall mega campaign.
As you can see it provides a set up and mission rules inside it.
The Wraiths are great models, it hard to tell in the light, but the bottom of the wraiths are made of translucent plastic, as is their capes,
They are great models, and as always in scale with the others in the range, and will make a great model for the game or the Roleplay game.
The Wraith pack provides a huge powerful punch for the forces of Evil and is a must have addition.


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