Dungeons and Dragons D&D Attack Wing Mega Bundle Review

Dungeons and Dragons, a name familiar to most of, and a gateway game into roleplay for a lot of us as well, the Forgotten realms, and high adventure, there is always a story to remember and tell about adventures in D&D, and now there is a new way to start making those stories.

D&D Attack Wing.  Its from Wizkids games, and uses the Flight path system as seen in Star Trek Attack Wing and X-Wing, with manoeuvre dials and templates, but with changes in the rules to reflect the mix of ground and air combat, and units as well.

Pre-packed in one game box, the Mega bundle is ready for players to open, build their armies and start their adventures in the D&D Universe.  It takes you from learning the game to massed battles with multiple options in one single move.    
All this above comes in the Mega Bundle, and two of the packets I opened to show you what you get in them, so when you multiple that across the other expansions and starter box you get a massive haul of goodies.

Lets take a closer look at hat comes in the Mega Bundle

Here is the Sun elf wizard pack, I have just opened it to give you an idea of what you get inside, a great looking model, loads of card tokens and scenery, game and upgrade cards, and an adventure booklet to play.
You get the mighty Frost Giant, and the sturdy Stone Giant, huge models to lead the ground assaults whilst the Dragons whirl and swoop in the air.
A sun elf troop to provide solid support in a combat formation.
You et the starter set which contains all the Rules, tokens templates dice and bits and pieces you need, along with 3 great looking Dragon models
The Wraith Expansion pack, containing two powerful Wraith models.
The Fierce Green Dragon, showing what you get in the pack.
Hobgoblin Troops
And we finish with the Gold Dragon and the mighty Silver Dragon.
 The quality of these models is just excellent, and a huge leap on from previous Wizkids works, with lots of detail, and a good paint job, plus they are big! and are all in scale in with each other.
The Dragons are the powerful centrepieces of your force and look the part.
The Sun elf Mage is a great looking model, with the fireball in her hands modelled in a translucent plastic, and well painted. 
You can see that the figures on a round base that slots on top of the Attack Wing bases.  This means they can be used in D&D Attack Wing, AND also used in the Role Playing game to represent monsters and characters for battle.  They are also good enough to pop in to War Games on the table top as characters and creatures to fight.  They also will not look out of place on your shelf as display pieces. 
With everything you get in the Mega Bundle,
Starter Set
Wave 1 - Green Dragon
Wave 1 - Frost Giant 
Wave 1 - Sun Elf Guard Troop
Wave 1 - Hobgoblin Troop
Wave 1 - Sun Elf Wizard
Wave 1 - Wraiths
Wave 3 - Silver Dragon Expansion
Wave 4 - Gold Dragon Expansion
Wave 4 - Stone Giant Expansion
 It gives you a solid base and well balanced between Good and Evil to play two large forces against each, or to really play around with a lot of variety for list building.  You also of course get the scenarios in the starter and adventures that come in each pack, so there is plenty to keep you going,
There are also many other packs to pick up to add and expand your force for even more variety, adventures and great looking models.
 If you have looked at this game and wondered, or are thinking of taking the plunge, then there is really no better way then the Mega Bundle to get you all the toys you need, the amount of entertainment you will get from it, the cards, the great models and adventures and playing the game is well worth it
I did have to draft some help in for the unpacking and punching out the templates.

Stay with us now for a marathon run of D&D, guiding you through what comes in the sets, how it plays, what the expansions are like, and of course battle reports.

 If bought separately the items in the Mega Bundle would come to around £195, but getting them all in the Mega Bundle it has an  RRP is £90 so a massive saving over individual purchases. Head here to find your local store and ask them about picking up the Mega Bundle.  If your store do not have it, tell the to contact Esdevium Games and they can get it there.



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