Star Trek Attack Wing Gornarus Gorn Raider Unboxing

A Gorn starship was a type of vessel utilized by the Gorn Hegemony during the mid-23rd century for conducting raids. The Gorn ship was designed with four nacelles, and its class configuration was unfamiliar to the Federation prior to the late 2260s.

In 2267, a Gorn starship approached the Earth outpost on Cestus III at space-normal speed using the outpost's regular approach route. Before the outpost knew what hit them, the Gorn ship knocked out the outpost's phaser batteries with their first salvo, leaving the outpost defenseless. The weapon used was described by a survivor as being "like phasers, only worse." The Gorn ship continued to assault the outpost, until it was obliterated.
The Gorn starship later attacked the USS Enterprise, which had been lured to the colony by false signals. The Enterprise's counterattack with full phaser and photon torpedo banks proved ineffective against the deflector screen of the Gorn ship, which was located just outside visual range.
After the Gorn ship retrieved its landing party via transporter, it withdrew from Cestus III, and attempted to flee into an area uncharted by the Federation at that time. The Enterprise pursued, and eventually overtook the Gorn ship at Warp 8, before both ships were immobilized by the Metrons.

So a classic episode with a great enemy, but what is the ship like in game? lets take a look....

Its so shiny!  As always it comes nicely packaged, with the independent faction logo.  The Gornarus is a Gorn Raider. so lets see what's in there.
 The usual nice slab of card tokens.
 We have the named ship the Gornarus, average firepower, low defence, average hull and good shields.  Its not a huge powerful ship, but can hold its own in a fleet.  The named ships ability allows you to pick either a structural damage which effects the enemies ability to manoeuvre  or weapons malfunction which stops the enemy returning fire.  For captains we have S`Sesslak, skill 5 so not the best captain, but his ability is good.  He allows you to convert a blank into a battlestation or a battlestation into a hit, which is a good way to maximise your attack.  Slar is skill 3, does not have any elite talent, but his ability allows him to take the salvage talent.  We have the generic Gorn Raider starship, and the generic Gorn captain.  We also have the Tech impulse overload, which allows you to roll dice to try and force your opponent to discard a tech upgrade
 You can see the Gorn ship is fairly nimble with a come about as well.  Gorn Raiding party comprises the crew choice for the ship.  For an action you can use it to disable two enemy shields.  If they have no shields, you then discard the card to disable all their upgrades, which is very nasty.  For Elite talents we have Faked Messages, which allows you to change a ships manoeuvre to a 1 forward so you can set up your attack run.  The other talent in the set is Salvage which if a ship is destroyed in range 1-2 you can pick up a tech or a weapon from it.  Improved deflector screens is a great tech upgrade, if you have active shields you can cancel a hit or crit.  Jammed communication stops ships using their natural abilities within range 1-3, though it also stops yours.  The only weapon is targeted phaser strike which also disables weapons as well as doing damage.
The mission is the classic ambush at cestus 3, and involves your captain and away team struggling on the planet whilst you fight in space and try and beam them up, looks great fun, and feels like the classic episode
Now onto the ship itself, being an original series era ship, there is not much detail to it, but it is nicely modelled, and what detail there is, is very well done.
 it has that classic Gorn shape.
 There are some nice bits of detail on here that a wash would bring out.

A great looking fun ship, with an iconic mission to try.  A welcome addition to the fleet!


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