Bombshell miniatures Sidekicks review

Bombshell minis have a range of characterful little models called sidekicks, little models used to add to your regular models bases, or as objectives.  So today we take a little look at 3 of them.
First up we have Flakk
Flakk is full of character, with her wings, and wrench behind her back. 
 Though the model is small, it is still highly detailed.
and as you can has very little clean up work to do on it.
Next up we have.....

Belphegor the Winged Monkey. creepy and wizard of Oz like, but a fun and highly detailed model!
 Like all the models, small, full of character and detail, and no clean up needed.
lastly we have Raferu-san Turtle, a little Ninja turtle! full of character with a mean look to him! for such a tiny model.

 such impressive details from such a tiny figure.

These are well worth getting to spice up your gaming, or your scenery!

head on over to Bombshell Miniatures and take a look and grab some for yourself, there are plenty more to choose from.


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