Dice Masters Marvel Civil War 2 player starter set unboxing and review.

 Its time again to look at the newest 2 player starter set for Dice masters.  Marvel Civil War.  These two player sets are a great way to get into the game for 2 people, or to grab a good solid force for a great price for established players.

My introduction to Dice Masters happened with the first Dungeons and Dragons starter set Battle for Faerun, and I was hooked, to the point where I looked at the super hero sets normally not having been a fan of superhero's but again being converted by the likes of the DC War of Light set featuring the Lantern corp, The Amazing Spiderman, or DCs Worlds Finest with the likes of Batman and Superman in them, and another set for Dungeons & Dragons with the Faerun under Siege 2 player starter set . The fact all of these sets can battle against each other is fantastic, have a look at a battle report of The Amazing Spiderman set vs Dungeons and Dragons Battle for Faerun

The game is fun, simple to play, plays fast, and is easily transportable and with so many sets and boosters available has almost limitless deck building options with a theme to suit everyone.

So lets take a look at the goodies and cards that you get and see if they are any good...........

 like all the sets you get a full colour rulebook so you can play, a pack of the cards, 2 dice bags and a big old pile of super hero themed dice.
 you get enough sidekick dice for the mandatory 8 per player, and four different basic action coloured dice and cards. With enough starter sets you should have quite the large collection of different coloured ones to add some variety. You also get a little checklist of all the cards that will be available in sets that you can pick up in boosters.
 Every set I say it, but the bags have improved again with some fantastic art of Iron Man and Cap. Caps art has it for me in this set, its beautiful. and fits the theme perfectly.
Nice logos on the backside of the bags as well making it pretty clear which side you are on in the civil war!

 You get 8 characters in the starter set.  Each of those have 3 different variants, which may have differing abilities and costs providing you more options for tailoring your list to your choice of play style.  Each character has 2 dice in the set that you can then purchase in game for energy costs to field your force, and start laying the smack down.
 Wasp, is nice an cheap, and has nice options that can either do damage when blocked, or be fast meaning she hits first in combat instead of simultaneously.  very useful ability to have.

She Hulk can help you by blocking 2 attackers or perhaps you prefer overcrush where her damage goes through the blocker, what's left hits the player.  She's a strong dice, and good in attack and defence.

 Next up we have Scarlet Spider, whose abilities are to do with spinning up or down (levelling) your opponents dice or yours.  Rocket Racoon, one of my favourite characters, and my 2nd favourite die in the set, though not my favourite art at all, im not a big fan of this artwork.  More like rocket Gerbil.... He has good attack but low defence, but he is fast, and he has to be blocked letting you slip through more powerful characters unworried
 Next up we have Falcon, low priced, but good attack.  He can make your sidekicks unblockable, or intimidate.

Black Widow can knock out opposing dice when she is field, or deal damage, shes very good to have around as she is so cheap to hire.
 Now the main two...... The hero or villain of the pack depending on which way you lean.
My favourite art, and dice of the pack we have Captain America. Each of them let you spin him up one level each turn he is out, and with resistance you can either damage your opponent when you have a character KOd or gain a life.

Iron Man again comes in two forms, and with enlistment he can force you to get rid of other character, and you lose attack value when you block, or a version if fielded with the burst gives a character you control an extra 2 defence.
  The set also comes with 10 basic action cards, these can as always be mixed in with the other sets to get actions you want, boost support, or cause direct damage.  Long live the resistance can give you life and keep you in the fight longer.  Superhero registration act lets you get more dice out on the field, and Field promotion increases your characters levels.
Driven underground can help you by knocking out a character that's blocking letting you get your attack through.

The manual has once more improved, making things even clearer and easier to understand, with full colour diagrams and easy to follow steps walking you through the experience.
The manual has a nice little play mat in it to give you an idea of the different zones on the field of play which is a nice touch much appreciated, and if like me you have several sets, you can always remove these from the older manuals to get yourself a cool mini mat for playing.

Another great set, its well balanced 2 player mode, or you can use this to form a full deck for yourself to take up against a friend.  Well worth grabbing to add your Dice Masters collection, and mixing in with others, im sure Captain America could get some dragon or Ork recruits to help him out.

Olivias thoughts.....

My favourite is wasp. and black widow..... I like their pictures. They may get into my Dragons deck. maybe. The dice bags look cool, Captain America is daddies favourite from this one, but I like Iron man more.  The game is not hard to play and rolling dice is always fun.

Marvel Civil War two player starter set has an RRP of £16.99 and can be found in your local store, take a look here to find yours.  You can expand the game from boosters available in store, they provide two random cards each with one associated dice.  they RRP for £1 and can provide plenty of variety for your forces.


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