Mantic Games Dreadball Xtreme unboxing

Mantic games have come out with some great games you can play straight out of the box, Mars Attacks, and Dreadball, Dungeon Saga etc. 

DreadBall Xtreme is the underground sports game of the future and the follow-up to DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game. In this game, two teams battle it out on the pitch to outscore each other, with all-new twists:
• No Referee = More Violence for Everyone: with no one to stop the bloodshed, anything goes! Sucker punches and stomps are the norm, and the introduction of explosive collars, deadly traps and bloodsucking aliens only increase the level of violence.
• Customize your Battlefield: games are organized in prisons and warehouses at a moment’s notice, using industrial scenery to shake things up - everywhere from the scoring zone to the ball launch location can change!

• Play as Enigmatic Sponsors: the powerful organizers behind the game, Sponsors dictate your play-style and are experts in intimidation, blackmail and illegal gambling. Best of all, Sponsors allow you to build entirely unique teams out of any player combination you like!
Are you ready for an all-new ball game?
DreadBall Xtreme is a standalone game based in the same world as DreadBall and cross-compatible with it, but DreadBall is not required for play.

I always feel like I get great value when I open a Mantic Games box, so I thought we should take a look and see what you get in Dreadball Xtreme

 The first thing you will see when you open the box is the play mat, its a sort of mouse mat material, and I love it, I wish my Mars Attacks mat was this stuff.
 It has spaces on it for all your card decks you need, player dug outs etc,
 it also has the score zones clearly laid out to make it nice and easy.

The best thing is, you can scrunch it up, fold it up, anything and it pops back into shape, and with a nice backing it wont slip around on your table.... an excellent staff.

 next up we have a nice glossy full colour softback rulebook
 Plenty of examples in here to help guide you along to learn the game and get playing.
 Plus of course pictures of shiny painted models!
 and stats for all the players in the box, how to run leagues and campaigns, its a great little book.
 On the back you get a quick reference guide so you don't have to flick through so much, though on your first few games, keep the book close.

Then you get a nice card slab of tokens, quality is ok on them and they clear and easy to read.
I have punched out all the tokens and put them in the bit of the box for storage.  The box is nicely laid out, like a board game for easy storage.  There is plenty of plastic in this box!
 We get a bag of d6 dice, in 3 different colours so you can differentiate your rolls.  Always love getting dice.
 Then a stack of cards that split into a sabotage deck, and a special moves deck.

 The cards are nice quality, with good design that will distract from the game when placed on their spots on the play mat.
You get plenty of bags of minis! the convict team, and 2 sponsors
Free agents (mercenary players you can hire) and the Asterian team
Scenary for your games including explosive crates, the scoring posts, pillars and other bits.

Clear bases in blue, and yellow for your team so you can tell them apart.
 Here are the sponsors you get, the sponsor represents "you" in game you get the Warden, and Blaine.
 For the Free agents you get a great mix of characterful aliens and droids you can hire to augment your team, all nicely sculpted and one piece models so no assembley required on them.
 I like the little pusk rampager, hes great!

And this nasty looking beasty seems to be a fearsome opponent, and a very well sculpted model as well.
 The convict team are all modelled in some great action poses.
 and you also get some you can use as "injured players"
 The only models that need some assembly are the hulking jacks for the convicts, where you can choose an armoured head and armoured arm.  They just slot in nicely so you can always change them out esily.
 If you keep the spare bits, they clip in and out for more options
and they do look suitably big and scary models, I would not want them running into me!
 The Asterian team, have a cool look, punky with their hair, and all lithe and slight, just looking at the models you know they play a fast game, and can pass but may not stand up to  s olid hit
 The models could do with a little clean up mould line wise if you wanted to paint them, though they are perfectly playable without paint.
considering the box comes as a "board game" almost, ready to play straight out of the box, the models are great quality.
 You get two miniature "balls" to use, handy in case you lose one
 Once the scenery  bag is opened up you get plenty of bits, which when all assembles (you do not need glue) all fit back in the box fine.
 Here you have crates, you can play with them as being traps as well, where you flip the lid and see what nasty effect may, or may not occur by randomising the lids.
 The effects are shown on the inside of the lids so you never know what you may run into
 The crates all just push together nice and easily.
 The scenery is good stuff, and can of course be used for any other sci fi games you may own, such as Dead zone perhaps!
 The scoring posts, they look really cool, and would also make great loudspeakers for other sci0fi gaming.

once you have spent a few moments putting it all together it looks great, and will really add a nice 3d element to your play mat.

Well, you really get a lot in the box for your money, its a great value deal, that you can play as is in a board game format, or expand by collecting other teams and characters as well.  I am very impressed by the quality of it all, and would recommend you give it a look, dive in to the world of Dreadball Xtreme


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