Mantic Games Mars Attacks Battle Report Chaos

Once more we return with the next instalment of out Mars Attacks Campaign. Scenario 5, Chaos, this one looks a lot of fun, as the deployment is random, and the objective is not points, just the first player to reduce their opponent to one model wins, so a brutal messed up fire fight, where the Human player uses Marines, and one hero of their choice.  Olivia picked Edwyn so he could in theory hit things very hard with his sword.  As always she was in command of the Human forces, whilst I was in charge of the Martians.
after random set up, where you roll a dice for one axis, and a dice for the other to see where your models are placed.  If you roll where a model already is you can choose the position yourself.
after setup the battlefield looked like this...

Models where certainly close to each other, so this would be short and brutal....

 The first turn was indeed bloody, 2 Martians falling, and one being rattled. 2 Marines where also killed, again a Freeze ray causing havoc.  Somehow a lone Martian survived Edwyns onslaught.
 Edwyn smashed his opponent this turn, and the marines charged, another Martian fell in close combat.  The Freeze ray shattered another Marine
 Another casualty for each sides, as Edwyn began to close in on the action, the downside of only have a melee weapon.
 A marine is locked in a struggle with 2 martians, can he hold off until help arrives?
 Edwyn should be able to help next turn, but he takes a blast from the freeze ray reducing his heroics by 1.
 Edwyn rushes in and slays one of the Martians taking the pressure off the marine.  The Freeze ray can not fire as everyone is in close combat.
Edwyn slays the Martian, reducing them to 1 model, and gaining victory to the Human force.


That was a swift, brutal and bloody game, Olivia did not have to think too tactically, just smash them! she has learned that the Marines are better in close combat then at shooting, so when possible she will engage in CC

I love the fast play of Mars Attacks, its just so much fun!

Stay with us for more adventures in Mars Attacks


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