Pokemon XY Trainer Kit Pikachu Libre Vs Suicune unboxing and review.

Pokémon.... ever since I was introduced to the game with Pokemon XY Ancient origins Theme Decks I have rather enjoyed a game against Olivia, and played the online version as well.

It is a surprisingly deep and tactical game, and anything that Olivia does that helps out things like thinking, and maths (for hit points) and planning is something I support.

Theme decks are great, but what if you want to get into the game between you and  a friend perhaps? or in my case, father and daughter.  is there another option? well yes there is.... the Trainer Kit.

Its clearly labelled as a 2 player learn to paly set, but it is also more then that!
The set has "mini" decks 30 cards strong, great for learning, but when you are done they go together to form a great and perfect deck to start playing other people who already have their own.

Lets open the pack up and take a look at what's inside.

There is a whole lot of goodies in the box, 2 wrapped 30 card mini decks that can be combined into one full sized deck.  A cool Pikachu coin that can be flipped by certain attacks where you must work out heads/tails.  Some damage counters, and poison markers. a full sized 2 player play mat. and 2 quick start guides, one for each mini deck.

The deck box is a really nice touch, as it allows you to keep your cards nice and stored, and portable too.
What makes this set special is the trainer kit guide.  This tells you how to set up your deck before you play with all the cards in sequence. then guides you through your first few turns, but by knowing what you will draw it makes it really easy to show you the mechanics.  Both mini decks have this, and when you are proficient with the rules you can move up to just shuffling them and going at each other.
The play mat, as well as having some great art themed to your deck, contains spots for all your cards, clearly telling you where they go, and has some great rule reminders on it if you forget things.
Onto the cards themselves, the Pikachu Libre foil art is great, and you get all sorts of cool Pokémon to try out in your deck.  electivire is my favourite looking critter after the chu of course! 
On the other side Suicune is great looking, and very powerful, and there are some good evolinvg Pokémon such as Goldeen to Seaking, and froakie to frogadier.

When combined this becomes a pretty tough water/electric deck , and you also get a couple of nice foils to get you going.
 Olivias contemplating her next move...
That face tells me I am not going to like it!

Its good fun to play like all Pokémon, and the fact that it comes with all the goodies you need to make a really good starter set just add to that.  With a really reasonable RRP of  £9.99 head in to your local Waterstones or GAME, grab yourself one and have some fun with it.  Its great if you are starting out new to the game, as it walks you through every step, then leaves you with a full deck once masteres, but even experienced players can still enjoy it as its a fully functioning deck with coin and playmat and counters so all you ever need to get going with.

The pack also comes with online codes that can be added to play Pokémon online which is a great training idea, and excellent fun to play against other people or the computer, head over here to take a look.

When you are feeling brave enough, why not pick up some booster packs to expand your collection, these can be picked up again in Waterstones or GAME for £3.49 each
 The Rewards of a couple of packs of boosters.
Olivia was very happy with her "shiney" Psyduck and Staryu she got in her boosters, and these are great for adding some variety to your deck, or for collecting.

As well as Waterstones and GAME you can always head into your local friendly gaming store and grab some, take a look here to see where yours is.


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