Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mouser Mayhem Heroclix Starter Set unboxing and Review

Ahh the Ninja Turtles, or Hero Turtles as they where in my youth for the cartoon anyway.  I was a big fan, though I never did get any of the toys, I enjoyed the cartoon hugely and still have fond memories of it from the late 80s, early 90s.  When I found out that Wizkids and Heroclix where doing a TMNT starter set I was very excited, to recapture some of that nostalgia, and with Heroclix starters being a bit confusing to me being a new player I hoped it would be an ideal place to start.
 The box itself seems a departure form the blister packs seen as normal, and fits in nicely with my other favourite Wizkids product Star Trek Attack Wing.  Its a nice colourful box, where you can clearly see the minis you are getting.
 The back gives you a nice overview of whats in the box, and some background about the system.  It also mentions you get regular Heroclix rules, and some special sceanrios in the box, which is great as you can play this from 1-5 players from this box, which is excellent for the solo gamer learning the rules, or bringing in friends and family or Turtle based fun before you increase your collection.
 You get plenty in the box to get you going, so lets take a closer look at the goodies.

you get plenty in here, a pack of tokens that pop out, the full Heroclix rulebook, a powers and abilities card which is vital for your heroclix gamin as it explains the coloured powers on the figures bases, and this works for the WHOLE range not just the models in this set. A pair of dice, and a double sided play mat, which again is the right size for all Heroclix gaming.  Also some extra room expansions for scenarios and the character cards for the turtles.
 The main Heroclix rulebook is black and white, not colour and may seem a bit daunting at first, but things are well explained in their, and you don't need it for this set, as the quick start scenario book guides you through it, but this provides a valuable resource for any questions you may have, and when you expand your collection.
 The quickstart scenario book is excellent, full colour, and with plenty of pictures and diagrams to get you started playing.
 It also contains 3 scenarios to play that expand the map, and add in tokens for enemies, and other characters.  For a starter I think this is excellent as it teaches the game gradually, working through the scenarios, and can be played solo or multi player, with characters each controlling a turtle.
 The powers and abilities card looks daunting at first with so many things on it, but once you get used to it you will find it an invaluable resource.
 Each character gets a card, that lists their powers and abilities, and points cost so you can build your team.  The 4 turtles come in at 300 points, which is the standard tournament point size, so its great to have a force ready to play with out of the box.
 You get tokens for special effects, like rubble, water, smoke and other things that may happen in game.
 You get tons of tokens for Mousers and rats and other enemies, all with their basic stats on them
 Then some classic heroes and villains from the show, with April, Splinter, Baxter and others.
 These tunnel tiles can fit on to the map to expand the game for your scenarios.
 You get these rooms that again add on to the map to create a real tight underground feel.
 The map is double sided, with different elevations to provide you plenty of gaming variety.
 I really like the turtles lair map, its got some really neat little touches in it for fans.
Like here, seeing the used pizza boxes, and a classic Amiga computer.  Really put me back in time.
 The figures are nicely secured in moulded inserts in the box to keep them safe.
 When you pop them out you can see they are great sculpts, with plenty of character.
 Raphael looks great with his Sai and windswept bandanna
 Donatellos staff was a little bent, but a quick bit of bending it the other way and it was fixed.
 Michael Angelo looks suitabley ready for battle
Leonardo is ready for action with his dual Katanas.  I like the fact each sculpt is different so they do not feel like repaints.  The paint job is pretty good, though if you wanted to give the characters a quick wash to bring out the detail it would certainly enhance them.
 We tried out the first scenario and had great fun with it devoling into a series of brawls which teach you the basic mechanics.  Playing it two player let us control two turtles each.
 When we moved onto the next scenario we had to hold off the hordes of Mousers, this was great as it required a lot of team work to hold the line, so we where constantly chatting, "I am holding up here... I need some help, got him!" and so on, really good to fight the system working together and four players this would be super fun as the Mousers run on an inbuilt AI system.
 Olivia wanted to try  300 points team of hers, (all girls) against the turtles so we laid it down to see what would happen.
 She took Powergirl, Amazon, and wonder woman.  It was a great close game, with the turtles coming out on top, just! it finished with Leonardo having only one click left of health, but having vanquished the enemy.  The fact you can just mix these in with the normal Herolix models makes the replay value massive, as you build teams including one or more turtles.  Ever wondered what would happen if the TMNT faced Batman and Superman? Heroclix lets you find out!

For a starter set for Heroclix, this is excellent, you can just play out of this box and be happy, or expand to your hearts delight.  Including scenarios that work for multiple players or solo was an excellent idea, and including everything you will need going forward to play Heroclix was a pleasant surprise.

Olivia said....
"I had fun playing and beating up Mousers.  It was more fun when I got to use powergirl to fight the turtles, I like Heroclix, there are so many girl characters for me to collect, and Dad loves the turtles so he is very happy"

If you are looking to start Heroclix, I cant hink of a better experience that will provide more fun, and even If you have never played but are a Ninja Turtle fan you will love this.

Take a look at some other Heroclix you can pick up to expand your fun with the Worlds Finest Fast forces which can just slot into this set and play.  Then some other boosters to give you even more variety.  And if you want to bling up your sets take a look here to see some tokens and funky dice.
With an RRP of £19.99  its great value, and can keep you pleny entertained from just this box alone, or expand it as you see fit.

take a look here to find your local store, go and grab one and have fun, with great fun scenarios out of the box, and huge expandability its a great place to start.