Mantic Games Mars Attacks Battle Report Collect Call

Continuing our Mars Attacks Saga we played Scenario 7.  As always Olivia was in charge of the Humans, whilst I ran the Martian forces.
The main goal is to get Joe to the uplink point so this may prove a challenge for Olivia, as she usually likes to just kill everything in her way, which yes would work, but lets see what happens.....

 Things where set up ready, and at that time a Mutant Bug decided to make an appearance.  This could make things.... a little more lively.
 The Marines rattled some Martians and prepared themselves to hold the position.
 Joe was making a dash for it, whilst the Marines kept fire on the Martians.
 The two Martians guarding the road realised they had best move down or Joe would lsiup past, and they would be in all sorts of trouble.
 The Marines started going full belt after Joe to give him help and keep the route clear.  Joe went into combat and smashed a Martina into the ground with his Wrench.
 Sergeant Olivia charged in and took out the last Martina blocking the way.

Joe Moved over to the uplink, and victory was had for the Human forces!

The information transmitted would help the humans cause, Sargent Olivia knew that, and was pleased how well her new section had performed, but would be happier when the medevac took out the wounded troopers.... It never gets easier she sighed


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