Star Trek Attack Wing USS Montgolfier ship build

Welcome back to the Antares fleet yard, where we are to outfit the latest addition to the Federation fleet for battle.  The USS Montgolfier Saber class light cruiser.

As always using only the cards from the pack to show you the kind of options available to you straight from the pack, and no more then 50 points.  Then we can look at what uses the ship has in your fleet.

Lets take a closer look.

 the Montgolfier lets you swap your target lock from one ship to another in range, which is very handy, as you can target lock a ship out of line of sight but in range, and then move it to another ship when you need it. so get that lock, and let it sit on a ship until you need to switch it.  Orfil Quinteros is in command with a skill of 5 he is middle of the road.  It is his ability though that will hopefully keep the ship in the fight longer.  You roll 3 defence dice, and for each evade result you repair a hull point of damage, though you do take an auxiliary power token for each damage repaired this way its a great way to keep in the fight for that bit longer.

Thruster Array is in our tech slot.  For an action and a discard this allows you to perform a 1 or a 2 speed full astern manoeuvre, which the ship can not normally perform.  This allows an element of surprise for your opponent, and makes it very nimble, as you can do a bank move, then back up afterwards, yes it counts as a red, but it can set you up in the right position if needed to land shots, or to avoid them, or just to totally confuse your opponent.

Wesley Crusher is in the crew slot for his versatility, as he has 2 different ways he can be used.  After you move, if your ship has a auxiliary power token by it, you can disable Wesley to perform an action from your action bar.  The other way he can be used is, after you move you can disable him to perform an action from one of your tech cards.  This can allow you an extra action on the turn you need it, so after you have performed your normal action you can disable him to then use the Thruster Array to reposition.

Lastly to provide some firepower we have a set of Photon Torpedoes.  This lets you swing out with 5 attack dice, and with the ships ability to switch target locks around, no one is safe.

The Montgolfier, though not the biggest ship, she  has good average stats, so can go in the line of battle, though may not last too long, or can flank, and this may be the better option with how manoeuvrable she is (for a Federation ship), and providing another target, plus her attack is the same as an Excelsior class ship, and she swings for 4 at range 1, so can do some damage and isa good option for your fleet, and of course it just looks cool!

I asked Olivia what she thought about this ship......

"It looks nice for a federation ship, its shiny.  It doesn't scare me and my Warbirds though!"

To take a look at the  full pack and find out how you can add one head over here


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