Dice masters The Amazing Spiderman, two player starter set Review Wizkids games

The more I play Dice Masters, the more I enjoy it, its a great game, with so many options out there,  It plays fast, it plays smooth, you do not have to carry much with you, and thought yes you roll a lot of dice so there is a luck factor, its very tactical.  Take a look to see how it plays more in depth here with the Dungeons & Dragons set for Dice Masters, and DC War of Light.

Another starter set has come out to join the ranks, this time featuring as the main star everyone's friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.
 Amazing Spiderman has great art on the cover, and all the logos of well earned game awards.
 The art continues on the side.
on the back you get an overview of whats in the box, it does not mention the rulebook, but it is in there, so this is all you need to get playing.

lets dive in and see who comes in the set!

 The dice bags, like DC War of Light are an epic improvement over the original ones, with excellent art on them really adding to the flavour. very happy with them.  The manual is even better then the last one, getting clearer to follow meaning you can be up and playing in minutes.
 You get 16 sidekick dice, which is enough for two players, as you always need 8 each no more, no less.  Also four new coloured dice and cards for actions, this is a good thing as it is providing a ncie diversity of choices if you have other sets.
 You get ten new action cards, of which you each pick 2 for your battle, these can be mixed in with your other sets too in creasing the depth of choice and customisation of your team.
 There are all sorts of actions in this set, from direct damage to support actions, and sacrificing your own dice for abilities which is a new thing in this set.  You also get a little check card which tells you all the cards in the Amazing Spiderman range
 As always you get three differing versions of each character that do different things, or cost different amounts, allowing you to set your team up just right.  White Tiger and Silver Sable are first up, great art on them, I like Silver Sable Wild Pack, she can get you extra life when she is blocked.
 Next up we have Spider-Woman who can you boost when she attacks, and Spiderman who can get you life back when he is KO`d
 Next up a couple of my favourite characters, Drax, who has another new rule in this set "underdog" which increases his power if you are outnumbered, and Ghost Rider who can get you life back.  His dice is  my favourite in this set.
Last up we have Kingpin the big bad, with good stats and the ability to do direct opponent damage he is going to be a force to reckon with.  Lastly we have Carnage, my favourite artwork of the pack he is a monster with Overcrush that means any damage that goes over when he is blocked directly hits the enemy, so he is a force to be reckoned with and can suck up a lot of blockers if you do not want that extra coming to you.

So far, this is my favourite set, which is high praise, I really like the characters, and the steady improvement in quality that comes with each starter set.

Pick up this set to add some more punch, a good mix of heroes and villains and new actions to your collection its rrp is £16.99 look for your local store here

Coming later this week we take this starter into battle against the D&D starter just to see how they stack up, and besides who doesn't want to see Spiderman fighting Trolls and Dragons?


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