Dice Masters Battle report Amazing Spiderman Vs Dungeons & Dragons

As promised Previously, here is a Battle report to see how the forces of Marvel stand up to those of the might of Dungeons and Dragons.  I took the spiderman team, all using the starter cards from the Amazing spiderman set.
 I went for a balanced force with some cheap dice like Drax, White Tiiger and Spiderman and Spiderwoman, plus some heavy hitters like Carnage and Kingpin.  For basic actions i took web blast web blast which lets me deal 2 damage to an opponents character, and betrayal which lets me deal one damage to the opponent for each character they have out.
 Olivia took the forces from the Dungeons and Dragons Starter set, with some low cost but useful cards like Halfling thief, and some hard hitting Dragons and the Beholder.  This was going to be a fun game!.....

 The first few turns went by building up strength, and getting the dice we needed ready, Olivia had gone for numbers with a couple of Halflings, and the powerful Blue Dragon.  I had a Spiderman and Ghost Rider in the mix.  Now just to draw them!
 First blood went to me, I managed to draw Ghost Rider and field him.  With no blockers that was a smooth 5 points of damage to the enemy.
 Olivia started to build up numbers, getting both Halfling thieves out and a sidekick.  She attacked with the 2/2 one, knowing if i blocked with my Sidekick I would lose him and she would be fine, or i could take the damage,  I took the damage, i may need the sidekick for something bigger.
 I built up my forces, and used betrayal for another 3 points of damage on her, this was looking good so far!

 She built up her forces and went for a full attack, I blocked some, but still took damage.
 The next assault came from me, she couldn't stop Spiderman sneaking a 4 points through! things where close though, i was down to 7 life, and Olivia was on 4.
 I prepared for the final battle, I had two action dice ready, and i used them, Web blast took out the Halfling thief, leaving only two blockers, and Betrayal did 3 points of damage to her, (I used betrayal first before taking out the Thief)
I then launched the final attack which she could not stop and took her down!

overall a great fun close game.  It was nice to see that the earlier D&D set did not get completely run over, and put up a solid fight, a few more rounds and it would have won! there is no doubt it can hold its own and be very powerful, as in the rematch I was beaten.
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