Mantic Games Mars Attacks Battle Report You keep What you Steal

Each of the Scenarios as we play through adds in different heroes that play differently, or have their own special rules, and in Scenario 8 we meet Buddy & Brandi.  With their "Star Crossed Lovers" rule it means they can not voluntarily move more then 1 square away from each other.  As always Olivia is taking the role of Humanity, and I am in charge of the Martians.
Olivia was pleased there was an option to get victory points by killing things.  So we set up... and started.

set up and ready to go......
flaming cows make an appearance, and plenty of casualties
its 4 all at the moment, the game could swing either way, first to 8 vps wins.
Buddy is using his bat to bring down those Martians in close combat.
Taking down General Tor gave the humans a nice lead on VPs
1 more Martian to be killed for the win......
Martians, and flaming cows.... so much to love in this game!

Buddy charges and takes down another Martian with the Sarges help to give the humans the 8vps needed for the win.

Human victory.


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