Dice Masters DC Worlds Finest unboxing and review

Dicemasters, the game that has single handed done more then anything else to get me interested in the fantastic world of super heroes, as well as it being a fantastic game of course!

This latest set is Worlds finest, which features Superman and Batman as the main "teams" in the pack, all with faction icons on their cards for characters that lean to one side or the other.

Dicemasters plays fast, is fun and filled with tactical choices, do you spend your energy on characters to play? or ability dice to boost your energy production and help.  Do you reroll that character to try and get a higher level or play him as he is?  When to attack and defend, all of these things require thought and planning, but the way the game plays you will never be slowed down, you can play plenty of games in a short space of time and enjoy them all.

The fact you can pick up boosters for £1 to expand your forces, and all the sets are compatible with each other add another level to the game meaning the teambuilding part of the game is just massive, you want to add some Dragons from the Dungeons and Dragons set to fight alongside Superman? you can.  You want Orc warriors running around with Batman? you can.  The collectability and customisation of the game is huge.

to learn more about how Dicemasters plays and see our review on the D&D Dicemasters Starter set head over here.  Time to dive in!
 The art is great, with of course the main two protagonists of the set on the cover.
 The box has great art on all sides.
On the back you get a list of the contents to give you an idea, this is a great set for two players, new starters, or to bulk out your collection.

So lets see whats inside.....

 All the dice and cards are nicely protected in a clamshell packet, With the full colour rulebook under them,
 The rulebook contains a mini playmat so you know where your dice go on the field.
 There are plenty of easy to follow examples in the rules.
 You get 8 sidekick dice for each player which you need.
 You also get 4 cards with corresponding dice for the abilities you can purchase.
 Special mention to the dice bags, gone are the days of plain red and blue bags, and now they come with some excellent themed artwork on theme, and these are my favourites so far!
 Double sided the bags just look great, and show a real advancement for each release.
 Now onto the cards, as with all the starter sets you get 3 different versions of each cards, all with slightly different powers so you can pick the one that suits you best.  You calso get 2 dice for each character.  Batman is a powerhouse with abilities that trigger off when characters with the superman affiliation enter play.  Catwoman can either be very cheap, or has options for who can and can not block her.
 Harvey Bullocks abilities are all about guessing the right number of energy to draw extra dice, which can prove very useful.  Oracle increases the cost of things for your enemy though she wont win many fights, she can be a good blocker and useful to have on the field.
 Powergirl is tied for my favourite artwork in the pack, and she hits hard as well as as being an excellent supporting character that buffs others with the superman affiliation.  Steel has an interesting ability Iron will.  This is a powerful ability that means he can not be KO'd unless he has taken damage earlier, meaning he can really hold the line for you.
 Superman is a beast, as he should be, and my favourite artwork of the pack as well.  He hits hard, has Ironwill, and overcrush so any excess damage from blockers go through.  He is expensive to field, but is a monster.  Krypto the superdog can get buffs from other characters, or be fast, meaning he does his damage first instead of simultaneously, which gives a nice advantage to take out characters first.
 10 new action abilities round out the pack, of course these can be mixed in with ons from the other sets providing a huge variety of play styles to try.
T5hese do things from direct damage, to reducing the cost of your next cards,  A special mention to the Trusted Friend card, I love the artwork, very fun.
 Olivia and me set up for a quick game, using the themed teams, I had team Superman.
And Olivia had team Batman,

 We picked 2 powers each, and went to battle.
 An early Superman caused havoc for a while, until Olivia got more characters out and her abilities started doing damage as well.

After a quick battle things went the Bats way, and she got victory.  Good thing the game plays so fast there is plenty of time for a rematch!

So what do I think of the set? so far in all honesty my favourite one yet.  Its excellent, and features my 2 favourite heroes.  The rulebook has evolved to be so easy to read, and the quality of the components is increasing with every pack.  The game is fun, and with so much variety and choice of packs out there that can all battle each other its excellent, and will provide hours of fun for all.

The Worlds Finest, two player starter set has an RRP of £16.99 and can be found in your local store, take a look here to find yours.  You can expand the game from boosters available in store, they provide two random cards each with one associated dice.  they RRP for £1 and can provide plenty of variety for your forces.


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