Heroclix Worlds Finest Batman Dice and Token pack

Today we look at the Dice and Token pack for Batman from "Worlds Finest".

In Heroclix, when you activate a model you place a token by it, or under it, and if you "push your model (activate it twice in a row) you add a second token.  This pack provides some themed tokens for you to use that fit perfectly under your Heroclix models.

I had no idea these existed, and had been using coins for markers, but these are much nicer and clearer to see.

Lets take a closer look......

 You get a pair of 6 sided dice which you need for the game, with the number 6 replaced by the Batman logo.  These are great, and will certainty get used in plenty of game systems.

 You then get 6 of the activation tokens, each with different artwork on them.  They are plastic, but have a nice weight about them and a quality feel I did not expect.

 The reverse side of the tokens have the Batman logo on them.
This is a good little pack to "bling" out your Heroclix experience. 
Take a look at the Worlds Finest Fast Forces pack and then pick up some themed tokens.
The Worlds Finest, Heroclix Batman Dice and token set has an RRP of £7.99 and can be found in your local store, take a look here to find yours.


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