Heroclix Superman Wonder Woman boosters unboxing.

Continuing with our Journey into Heroclix we got to take a look at a set of boosters for the Superman Wonder Woman set.  These can be used in any of your Heroclix games, and will provide a nice assortment of characters to choose from when building your teams. 

I love the art on the boxes, and was very excited to dive in and see what we got, I will advise Olivia's favourite from each box, and mine as well.

lets get opening......

Each boosters provides 5 figures, and their corresponding cards so you can get straight into playing, once you have unpacked them of course. 
 Jimmy Olsen starts the pack, with point options of 60 and 25 points he provides some good ballast to fill those points, and has some nifty abilities too.

 Then we have Coldcast, he can provide you a well costed range attack, and hold his own well against other figures.

Soldier is a generic character at 40 points, with a ranged attack, and the ability to drop smoke to provide your characters some cover and support them.

 Soldier is a nice detailed model with a  good paint job

 Newsboy legion comes in at a cheap 15 points, its the same model as Jimmy Olson with a different paint job, but so different I do not mind.  Hermes rolls in at 140 points, but is very powerful, which is befitting a god.  With plenty of abilities and good stats he will be a solid addition to your team.

Hermes is both of our favourite pick from the pack from a rules and model perspective.

Onto the next pack!......
 First up we have Steel, 140 points, plenty of abilities, and strong stats he is a solid addition to any team.  Amazon weighs in at 45 points, and for her abilities is very good value, and is still efficient in distributing the damage to her enemies.

Next we have Hat at 45 points, who is a solid choice to support and can stand up in a fight.

Circle is 115 points, and a fantastic model.... she is very powerful with range attacks that can hit two targets, and plenty of abilities she will do well in any team.

Hat is a very cool model, I like his scruffy look, but Circle steals it for best looking model in the pack getting both our votes, for being a great sculpt, and the nice use of translucent coloured plastic to create  a nice effect.

 She just looks great from every angle.
 Lastly we have Eclipso.  He is so powerful he has a large set of abilities.  you can field him at either 250 points, or 25, and at 250 he is an absolute beast.
 Fast, powerful, his ranged attack can hit two targets at once, and he has a boat load of abilities to make him a real threat you can not ignore.

And he is a nice looking model as well, so I am very pleased with this pack, got some excellent picks in it.

Time for pack 3......
 Our first duplicate, another Steel.  That is the downside of blind booster, but it makes up for it with the excitement of not knowing what you may get.  Powergirl is a 140 points of a powerhouse character, plenty of abilities, good defence, good damage, great abilities, she is an excellent addition to a team.

 Next up we have Mermaid.  At 33 points she is a bargain and works well as a support character letting your bigger hitters do more damage with her siren song.  Doctor Fate is 110 points and provides a solid powerful character with plenty of abilities, and a cool looking model as well!

 Olivias choice was hard in this pack, Powergirl only narrowly losing out in looks not abilities to Mermaid.  With the use of the coloured plastic as water effects its a great looking model with a nice paint job.

 Doctor Fate is another nice looking model, wit some good ripple effects on his cloak.

Now onto my favourite from this booster.........

another Superman, but a different sculpt, with different abilities.  He is 150 points, but he is Superman, so you know he is going to be a monster in game.  I really like this model, its very dynamic in pose.

Now for the final pack.......
 Investigative reporter comes in at 20 points.  He wont win you any stand up fights,  but can fill up a points gap in the team.  Parademon at 45 points has a similar roll, average stats and low points, he is a good filler.

Wonder Woman is 100 points, has great stats and abilities and deals out a lot of damage, she is a good choice for any team and can hold her own against more expensive characters.  Red Tornado is 95 points,  and can deal out good damage to the enemies, as well as having some good abilities to mix it up with.

Olivia's favourite was Wonder Woman from this pack, she has the classic look, and is a nice sculpt with good paintwork as well.

 Red Tornado, is another example of a great sculpt using coloured plastic to create a suitable effect and she looks excellent for it.
 Last up we have Steppenwolf......

 He is 135 points, and a real combat monster, plenty of abilities to keep him in the fight and inflicting damage and good stats mean he can not be ignored in battle.

Another example of a nice use of the coloured practice, overall an ok model, just a bit of a flat pose.  Still though, with his stats and the model is not bad by means I can live with it.

I hope you enjoyed our little look through booster packs, and the next stage in our Heroclix adventure.

Find your local store here, and grab a pack. With an RRP of  £11.99 it is a good way to grab some new figures!

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