Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Star Wars Armada Initial Engagement battle report.

We decided to play the learning scenario for Armada.  Just so we can get into the game, a figure the basics out before we start putting upgrades on our ships.

 If you are new to the blog, take a quick look at the main review for Star Wars Armada

We used the recommended set up and forces from the rule book.

In the briefing room of the Rebel CR90 corvette A “Phantom”

General Olivia brought her commanders around the holo viewer.  She pointed at the sector projected.  Here she said… here is where we will strike.  Our reports state it is lightly defended, and the outpost has medical supplies we need.  We shall go in light and fast, roll over the opposition if we must fight, take what we need and be gone. 

I will lead the force in the Phantom, we also have the Liberator a Nebulon B Escort Frigate.  Fighter support will be provided by four squadrons of XWings.  Get to your ships, we leave as soon as we can, and may the force be with us.

The Bridge of the Victory II class destroyer hummed quietly with activity.  Captain Martin stood looking out the view ports.  They would be coming soon….. The listening posts had detected signal traffic from a small Rebel strike force and it was heading this way.  Captain Martin would be ready for them.  The Dauntless was an old ship, over 20 years old now, and her class where no longer the pride of the fleet, being usurped by the new Imperial class, but she was still formidable, and a worthy first command.

The Captain turned….. what is the status of the fighters? he asked.  All six squadrons holding position on our flanks sir.  Martin nodded… good he thought.  Rebel ships have entered the sector sir, the young scanner operator called.  Turning on his heel Captain Martin gave his orders, power up all weapons, shields to maximum, set intercept course at full ahead.  A series of aye sirs where called back as the lumbering ship turned and headed towards the enemy……..

The command dials where set, and the table was ready for action……

The Rebel ships had first activation.
The corvette went out wide flanking.  The Victory class pointed her nose at the Nebulon-B and moved forward banking her command token.  The Nebulon-B swung round to point her nose at the Star Destroyer rather then her weaker sides.
The fighters began to meet in the middle
 The Star Destroyers first shots in anger where not great,  The CR90 used its evade defence token to cancel the only hit, even with the imperial accuracy cancelling one evade.  the CR90 has two of them, so tis pretty nifty at long range.  Its return fire took a shield down on the hull of the Star Destroyer.
 The only other target in range was the fighters, so the star destroyer fired its anti squadron batteries taking some hits off them.  With the Nebulon B still out of range to shoot we went to the squadron phase.
The TIEs got the edge of the Xwings, with some great rolling, whilst the Xwings missed with all their attacks!, not looking good for the Rebel fighters at the moment.
The two other Xwing squadrons had more success both hitting the Star Destroyer due to their Bomber rule meaning critical hits count as a damage against ships.  This dropped the Shields down to 1 on the front.
A few turns in, the Corvette was heading around to the rear and would prove to be a massive pain in the backside, the Nebulon-B was bravely going head to head with the Victory class.  The Rebels had lost a fighter squadron to some hot rolling from the TIE pilots.
The Nebulon-B opened up fire, and rolled a whole host of damage! four hits and one critical, forcing the Star Destroyer to brace halving the damage to 3, then redirect the damage to the starboard shields.  Things where looking dicey for the Empire force now.
Over the next couple of turns thing got worse for the Rebel forces, the Victory used her increase firepower command and obliterated the Nebulon-B, the Xwings and TIEs battled it out, with the Xwings coming off much worse, all being wiped out over a few turns, whilst all the TIE squadrons remained, though most have suffered at least one damage.
The CR90 stayed on the rear of the Star Destroyer firing into it causing severe damage, whilst the imperials furiously tried to repair the shields.  Olivia had positioned herself so she could fire from front arc, and side Arc, which with a ship that manoeuvrable is easy to do.
The Star Destroyer kept firing back from the rear arc, but could not shake the little Rebel ship, so used squadron tokens to move the TIE fighters into attack.  If Fighters attack ships, they do not count accuracy's or criticals, only hits.  Unless you are a bomber, like the Xwing where criticals still count.
The last turn ended up with the Corvette firing into the rear leaving the Star Destroyer with only 1 hull point left, before it returned fire leaving the Corvette with only 2 hull points.  The squadron phase had the plucky rebel ship surrounded by TIEs who let loose and got the required damage to bring the ship down.
A slim victory for the Empire.

Sirens where blaring on the bridge of the Phantom.  General Olivia looked around, dead crew scattered around the bridge, fires burning on consoles, the ship rocking to continual laser blasts….  She banged her fist down, it should not have come to this, we had them! Those dam fighters.  She reached to the intercom… all crew abandon ship… abandon ship now!! to the escape pods!!
Captain the Rebels are abandoning ship!! We have beaten them! Shouted the young scanner operator.  Looking around his bridge, hearing the damage reports and casualty reports come in Captain Martin was not sure they had….. If this is victory, then its taste is bitter he said.  The Dauntless was battered, the repair teams where doing there best.  Pursuing those escape pods would be dangerous with the ship in its current condition.  He turned, Helm! He called, set course for home, best speed! I’m going to the med bay to see the butchers bill…..

So what did we learn from todays game? commands.... commands are key! you need to stay on top of your commands as the imperial player, so many times I could have done with an engineering command but I had to wait that extra turn for it.  Also, those CR90s can sure move! I didn't it to get behind me that quickly.  Fighters are tricky, but with practice can be very effective, it proved enough TIEs can take down a ship, although a small one.

It was good to try it out to get the basics down before adding upgrades, but I am really looking forward to trying it with more ships and some toys.
 You can pick up your own copy of Star Wars Armada for the RRP of £79.99 from your local Game store that you can find here and join the battle.