Star Wars Armada 180pts Imperial Starter Fleet

When you are playing Armada from the starter set, you are somewhat limited in ships, though of course there are upgrades to play with in the box.  The book advises for fleet building in the set, use 180 points, so here is the Starter Imperial fleet for that.  In that you must include an Admiral, unfortunately the imperial one is not cheap.  He is however very very good.

so lets see what I used most.
With Grand Moff Tarkin as my Admiral he.....

 allows me to assign a command token of my choice to all ships each turn. with only one ship his ability is limited, though still excellent, but you can see the more ships you have the more powerful he becomes.  Wulff Yularen sits in the officer spot.  You can exhaust him once per turn to gain a command token of the same type spent, considering Tarkin gives you a Token Every Turn.  The Victory II provides a balance of firepower reaching out to long range, providing good hitting power.  With only one ship, that is much slower and less manoeuvrable then the Rebel ships, having that extra range is vital so they can not just flank you at skirt around staying at their long range where you can not reply.
 Providing escort are 6 squadrons of TIE fighters.  They aren't the most survivable of ships, but they are fast, cheap and can hurt ships in a pinch.  With Swarm tactics they work well in groups swamping enemy fighters with overwhelming numbers.

The Victory class Star Destroyer needs to try and point its nose at the biggest threat since that is where most of its firepower comes from.  I tend to have 3 squadrons of TIEs on each flank, with squadron orders of 3 you can move and attack with a whole flank at a time if you need to and have the command.  They are best used to screen your flanks until you are close to engagement range, then rush out and take down the enemy fighters before concentrating on any enemy ships.  They are expendable after all.......


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